How to Design a Visually Creative Logo

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In this article I will explain the process that we follow to create logo designs and business branding.

Creating logo and business branding for companies and organisations is a real test of designers creative skills. When a client has decided to put money into a product they of course expect results. When buying everyday products you generally know what you are going to get, with logo design it is not as simple. When creating a logo you are essentially giving a face to a company and presenting a first impression to their prospective clients.

To do this as a designer you need to have a good understanding of the company you are designing for, which of course involves lots of research. My first step is to learn as much as possible about my clients, what their business stands for and who they are targeting. This involves keeping the brief in mind when doing your research, will your idea fit each point that the brief mentions?

The next step is getting ideas down on paper. Getting ideas down on paper provides you with a visual image of how each of your sketches will look and helps you to come up with new ideas. You can test if your ideas work and if not why not, by the end of this I generally come out with around 5-10 different concepts that I can begin to work on.

Your sketches also provide visual proof of your work, if a company has just paid you to design a logo they will often want to see where the money has gone and if you really are doing any work. Although you generally just show your concepts to the client it can be helpful for them to see the direction you are going. You may find that you are heading in a direction that they do not like and it is better to be able to adjust your designs earlier rather than later.

When you have chosen a few designs that you think fit the brief and work with your research you will need to create concepts to show you client for review and adjustments. Often you will find your favourite idea is not theirs, at the end of the day your logo design is for them not for you. Take into account what the client says and make the necessary adjustments to your concept.

After a design has been picked you can fire up your software (Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard) and create your final logo. You may still need to make adjustments and your work needs to represent everything you have learnt through your research, fit the brief you were given and most importantly reflect what your client is looking for.

To see more information about logo design please visit This article was written by Alasdair from Dark Design Graphics. Dark Design Graphics is the name for freelance illustrator and graphic artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. I love all things ‘Art & Design’, and love to be actively involved in the design communities. I specialize in Cross hatching Fine Art, Tattoo Design, Business Branding and Poster Design.

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