How to Define Your Most Wanted Action, to Get More Clients

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If you want your Marketing Plan to be effective and actually result in you getting more clients, you have to be crystal clear on knowing what your ‘most wanted action’ is from each piece of your marketing.

All too often business owners have an idea of wanting their marketing to get them more clients, and a healthier bottom line in the business. But whilst that’s OK for your grand business vision, it’s much too vague for your actual marketing.

Every time you actively market your business, you must know what is the ONE core thing you want it to achieve.

Think of all the different ways you do your marketing for a moment:

  • Blog posts
  • Networking
  • Business cards and leaflets
  • Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Teleseminars…to name just a few

Each time you do one of these – you MUST know what your Most Wanted Action (MWA) is from your audience. If not – how can you judge whether or not it’s successful? AND, the biggest mistake I see people making, is trying to ask the audience (the reader, listener, viewer) to do LOTS of different things.

Why is that a mistake?

Because a confused, overwhelmed mind, with too many choices to make will do….absolutely nothing! If your prospect is overwhelmed with different choices in each of your marketing pieces, they will end up feeling confused, and simply click away.

So, what type of actions or responses might you want your target audience to make? It could be any of these, or more…

  • Opt in for a report
  • Pick up the phone and call you
  • Comment on your blog
  • Submit a question
  • Take part in a survey
  • Enter a draw or competition
  • Give you their business card
  • Listen live to a teleclass
  • Read to the very end of a
  • Book a free strategy call
  • Forward something to a friend or colleague
  • Refer you to someone

Can you see just how many different responses, actions and levels of engagement you might want to elicit in your target audience? Each and every one of these has its place in a joined-up marketing system.

BUT, you don’t want to be asking your prospect to do them all at once.

You want to design each part of your marketing plan to steadily drip these different parts out to your prospects, to invite involvement, to show your interest in their problem, and to build up the know/like/trust factor – one thing at a time – one step at a time.

And you want to make it SUPER EASY for your prospects to know what you want – and the way to do that (and which so many business owners are afraid to do) is to ASK them, or TELL them!

This doesn’t need to be scary. You can be polite, and respectful, and guide your prospect to give you the response you most want, can’t you! The thing is, all your marketing should have a purpose, otherwise, quite frankly, you’re wasting your time, and more importantly you’re wasting your audience’s time.

If you don’t know the ONE core purpose for each of your marketing strategies, your business will suffer, your message will be muddier than the Ganges, and your audience won’t have a clue what your stand for, or what you want them to do!

So, they’ll do nothing….and go and find someone else who does show them clearly what the next step is instead. And that’s one more potentially ideal client left you…most likely forever.

Tanya Smith helps solopreneur coaches, consultants and other service professionals to consistently get more clients and grow their business with a workable, systemised Marketing Plan. She shares exactly how in a FREE step-by-step guide/workbook, the Get More Clients Marketing Plan at her site It takes you through the 6 Steps to getting more clients with a marketing plan, from where you are now, tailored for YOUR business.

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