How to Create a Great Slogan For Your Business

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Many people work on their own slogans. That’s fine. Some are really great slogans. But most, are horrible.

What are the key areas to consider when coming up with a jingle.

1. Let a talented writer help you. There is nothing wrong with getting extra ideas. What a great writer can do is add “catchy” to the slogan. They have a wit and intelligence that is worth plugging into.

2. Your jingle should be distinctly you. What makes you unique and special.

3. You need to dial into what your target customer is looking for.

4. The words in the slogan should have a rhythm to it.

5. It should be simple and easy to remember.

6. You need to do your homework on what your competition is saying with their tag line. And better it.

7. Play your slogan off others you respect.

8. Come up with 25 slogans you really like to get to one. Then keep it until it runs it’s course.

Many people try to come up with a line that sounds like a good marketing line to say. They get to rapped up into trying to guess what the boss wants instead of what will be good for the company. Sometimes a great tag takes a great deal of time to nail. This is because sometimes it takes great soul searching until the right line floats to the top.

Remember, a jingle is to enhance your business and give the prospect a quick feel at why you are better. Don’t settle with a slogan just because you think you need it. Make that slogan work for you.

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