How To Craft Free Globe Logos Without Using Blue Or Green Colors?

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It seems that the image of a globe and the colors blue or green always go together. If you Google ‘globe logo’ you will notice that most of the designs that you see on the first page are either blue or green.

My question to all the designers who have crafted those designs is this; if a logo design is supposed to be a mark of distinction and innovation, then do you really think that using green and blue colors will make your business symbol different from others?

I highly doubt that!

Why not use untraditional colors for your free globe logos?

Now, this idea may seem a little eccentric to you but if you want your company to be set apart from the crowd, you need to think out of the box.

The first rule towards creativity and innovation is that you should not be afraid to experiment a little. Craft an image of a globe and use bright colors. See how that looks.

But this is where the trick comes in. Instead of using the traditional green and blue colors, try to experiment a little. Use colors that are different and distinct. This way you will create an aura of relativity by using the earth image and add distinctness at the same time through your color scheme.

Red and yellow are one of the most attractive colors in the palette. Red represents energy and attraction while yellow denotes laughter and good times. Together they are the perfect colors to adorn almost any industry’s brand mark.

For example, these colors are perfect if you are designing an emblem for a sports team. It will not only make your symbol eye catching and attractive but will also give it a global appeal.

You can also craft an image of the earth but use yellow and red colors for the land and sea instead of the traditional blue and green. This can be perfect for a restaurant or a fast food diner where you want the emblem to be eye catching and signify good times.

Similarly if you are designing an emblem for a dress designer then use colors that are chic and sophisticated. Here, you can use purple and ivory shades if you want to make your trademark trendy and fashionable. These colors will also be appealing to the female gender.

If your company is related to technology or architecture, then you can craft 3 dimensional world globe logos and use maroon and gray colors. Maroon is an eye catching color while gray depicts professionalism and formality. Together these colors will make your business symbol worth looking at twice.

In conclusion, if you want your company to be successful in this competitive world, don’t be afraid to play around with the colors in your brand mark.

Beverly Houston works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on free globe logos find her competitive rates at Logo Design Consultant.

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