How to Craft a Globe Logo Image to Trademark Your Award Ceremony

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Are you planning to hold a costume party for your 16th birthday party and want to announce a competition for the best dressed girl?

Are you on your high school prom planning committee and have to come up with an idea for the theme of the party with competitions and awards?

Then you’re lucky you found us!

Whether it’s a small school event or your 16th birthday party; if you are planning to hold a small award ceremony in the event, you need a trademark image to represent the occasion.

Why not use a golden globe logo image to represent the event?

This will not only add a Hollywood touch to your event but will also make it chic, sophisticated and traditional at the same time.

• What images to use?

We know that we are using the image of a globe in our brand mark, but how should that be crafted or placed?

There are several ideas to place your earthy image. You can either just craft a 3 dimensional image of the world or then place it neatly beside the name of the event or you can use a symbol or a design for the globe like surround it with a rope which will be in the same color as the earth. Another idea is to combine the world image with a mythical hero image. You can craft and image of Hercules or Achilles with the world in one hand. This will add a fairy tale like aura to your trademark.

• What fonts to use?

Use fonts that are curvy or scripted as they give an imaginative and surreal effect to your brand mark. Using scripted fonts can also give a historic look to the event which will add a classy touch to the brand mark.

• What colors to use?

The colors that you can commonly use for your event’s emblem are golden or silver. For an event that is imagined to be aristocratic and upper class, the image that you want to portray should be discreet wealth and sophistication. The two colors, golden and silver can give that impression for you. You can make your globe logo image in only one shade of golden and silver to make it look rich and expensive.

In conclusion, after your logo design has been created you can use that as an inspiration for the rest of the theme of your party; from the invitations to the décor of the venue. This will make the entire event look unified and coordinated.

If you follow all the above mentioned tips, there is no doubt that your guests will have a great time at your party and won’t be able to wait for the next one.

Beverly Houston works as a Senior Design Consultant at a Professional Logo Design Company. For more information on golden globe logo find her competitive rates at Logo Design Consultant.

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