How to Close the Sale Effectively

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Today’s topic is about what happens when they don’t buy. You’ve had a great conversation with a prospect. You think they’re going to sign up or buy your product or program and then… they don’t. You say to yourself, “What happened? Why didn’t they,” when you think you’re doing all the right things.

If you’re not closing the sale and if they’re not buying, a few things could be happening.

First, it probably is not the right ‘message to market’ match. That’s a jargony kind of marketing term but I’m going to explain it to you.

A lot of people, perhaps even you, create a program, a product or a service that they think a particular group of people would like or would want or would buy, yet when it is presented to them, they don’t buy. happens because it came from what you think they need or what message you think they want to hear, as opposed to what that particular group of people actually do want to hear.

Conversely, you may be selling the wrong service or program to the right type of client or you’re speaking to the wrong type of client for the service or product that you offer. You want to consider whether you’re offering the right thing, saying the right thing, and talking to the right type of client. A lot of times it has nothing to do with you; you’re just talking to the wrong person so for example, if people consistently can’t afford you, it might be that you’re just working with the wrong client.

Second, perhaps the value that you offer hasn’t been fully communicated. You may have a very valuable product or service but if you are not communicating the benefits, the results and the high value that people will get “the return on investment” then people see it as being a cost and not an investment. See, people are buying a return on investment. They are buying a result and they want to think that they’re getting more value than what they’re paying for.

For example, let’s say you buy a silk shirt. And you get it on sale. It excites you because you know that you’re getting that very high quality product for less money than other people. It’s higher value than what you’re paying for. And whenever there is a higher value than what people are paying for, they’re more excited to say yes.

If you have not communicated that high value, people stay in sticker shock. So you must communicate the value more. You can do that through social proof or by talking more about the results they’ll get.

Finally, I want to talk to you about a concept called dollarizing. I read about this many, many years ago when I first started my practice. Dollarizing is seeing where somebody is now and where they want to be.

For example, in my business I’ll ask someone, “So how many clients do you have now and how many do you want? What is the average amount of money that you make with each new client?” Then we figure out the gap. Let’s say the gap is $10,000 and your program is $2,000, they get so much of a return on investment.

So figure out the return on investment with them. Help them dollarize how working with you could actually be free of charge. I tell my clients, “Our coaching is actually free of charge for you because most clients over the years have reported that the coaching pays for itself in the form of new clients, so in the first three or four months you get all these new clients, which pays for the entire year and then it’s free coaching!” That’s one of the ways to communicate the return on investment and to help dollarize and make sense of the investment.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Think about how you can do all this in your own business.Communicate the value better, make sure that you have the right ‘message to market’ match, the right ideal client that you’re talking to and help them see that there is a great return on investment. When you can do that in your business, in your closing the sale conversations, you actually close the sale so much more.

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