How to Choose the Right Trade Show Giveaway

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Trade shows are a great chance to introduce your business to a large range of potential customers in a short space of time. Promotional items and trade show giveaways are a critical part of trade show success. People will stop at your booth to learn more about your company’s products and services, but they won’t stop for long. They will be ‘testing the water’ to see if you offer something that they are interested in. If they are interested they will take away some literature that they may or may not read later. They will also be waiting for you to say or do something memorable. This is where your giveaways come in.

It is a fact of trade show marketing that booths that offer really fantastic giveaways are going to get more attention. Just like on Halloween– kids go where they get the treats. But what type of items make really fabulous trade show giveaways? There are two considerations in making this choice. Firstly, the item should work thematically with your literature and company branding– It should look like it came from you. Secondly, the item should be unique and stand out from the crowd of other promotional products on offer at the trade show. The good news is that with hundreds of thousands of promotional items to choose from you should have no problem finding something.

In order to ensure that your giveaway items for trade shows are a success, consult a promotional products professional. A professional will be well versed in creating promotional items that fit in well with your company brand, that coordinate thematically with your existing literature and promotional items. They can advise you on choosing practical items that your clients will actually use. In the end run what you want is something fun and eye catching that is practical enough to be used regularly – keeping your message in front of the client.

To ensure that you are not caught short due to unforeseen problems it is advisable to order your promotional item weeks or maybe even months in advance. It is also advisable to order a sample of the chosen item(s) so that you can hold it, use it and be sure that it is the right item to represent your company. Trade show giveaways can be a real strong part of your success– driving traffic at the booth and creating an awareness of your company in the minds of the client.

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