How to Choose the Best Beach Towels for Your Trade Show Gift

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Since you are giving these products out at a trade show it would be reasonable to assume that a working vacation is in progress. You are going to put your company logo on this product and you will want it to reflect the image you are trying to create. Your clients leaving their hotel room will probably include this item in their beach bag when taking a quick break from business for an afternoon of fun. You want to make sure they enthusiastically pack it and be proud to show off this gift.

When making your selection, there are five things to consider when selecting this trade-show giveaway. You should consider the size, design, fabric, color and price that will fit into your marketing strategy. The towels should be attractive, plushy and make the recipients feel good just to be handling them.

When checking the fabrics the swim towels are made of, it is important to consider their durability. What is good about high-quality fabrics is that their serviceability does not compromise the comfort that it provides to the skin. Such durable, soft and comfortable towels can be made of 100% cotton, a cotton blend or synthetic fibers.

Also as important as the fabric used is the actual size of the towel. The correct size of selected towel should depend on the occasion it will be used for. Beach parties would require a larger towel and smaller bath size towels are recommended for the home pool area. Camping trips will also require smaller sizes which will allow for maximum storage space by reducing the weight of the baggage.

Swim towels should not only be comfortable and durable but the towels must also stand out in terms of design and color. Consider a color and style that will make these items feel luxurious. In fact the way they enjoy using this product on their outings can affect the impression your company leaves them with.

After considering the yarns the towel is made of as well as its size, design, color and pattern, the final criterion will be its price. However, the reality is that the price may be the first consideration and you will make your selections based on cost. Make sure you have investigated all the alternatives to get the best value for your marketing strategy. These towels stay around a long time, so it is to your benefit to distribute a product that reflects your company’s image.

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