How to Choose Paper for Printing and Labeling

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Printing and labeling is a crucial part of a product packaging, which has to be accomplished seamlessly to obtain desired result. Selection of paper is the most basic step for this. If one can excel the process, half of the job is already done and rest will be done by printers. However, as a matter of fact the process is not easy at all. Several factors are there which has to be taken in consideration before taking any final decision.

  • Selection of paper for labels is entirely dependent on the types of labeling equipment. If it has to be done manually, preference for paper should be heavier, like 80 lb. stock. Else if, it is automatic equipment, lighter 60 lb paper is just perfect.
  • Since paper is made of wood, it contains a grain that determines which direction the paper will curl. Make sure that the paper curl horizontally and not vertically, and also they curl in and not out.
  • The quality of paper, bottle/container and glue must be compatible to each other. To ensure, it is advised that a test is carried out with all three elements before the actual printing work takes place. This is necessary as glue often contain chemicals that may degrade final appearance of labeled product.
  • Required safety measures must be take to save the papers from external natural condition, as they are tend to be affected by moisture, temperature and the nature of the paper itself. As a result, storage for paper is advised. They should be covered properly and placed in a dry storage. Secondly, place labels in the bottling area minimum 24 hours prior to their uses and don’t exceed the duration.
  • Since labels on bottles are held by hand for multiple times, it is susceptible to scuffing or other possible damage during handling. For this, varnish or another protective coating has to be applied as a finishing touch. Several types of coatings can be found to prevent scuffing.
  • At the time of printing, it is suggested to order more than what is needed. For instance keep 200 extra if 1,000 are to be printed, similarly 5,000 for 50,000 papers.
  • Avoid wastage of good printed labels by asking printing company to use blank paper pieces when starting up their equipment.
  • Save printing cost by standardizing on same size and shape of labels. Another way that can be worthwhile in saving is the printing two or more labels at a time.
  • Get experienced printing company, because doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, you cannot compete with good professional printer. They are well aware of needs of government approvals, paper grain and compatibility of glue.

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