How to Check For Market Presence of a Name

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Checking for market share of a name is pretty easy with the internet: just put it in the search box of a few search engines and let it go. The more specific the name, the smaller the market and the higher up in the search engine rankings the name will be. For instance, if the business is sales of beds, the term “bed” will bring up over 20 million references. Adding a city to it would narrow it down to about a half million for a large metropolitan area and about 22,000 for a small town in a large metropolitan area…even smaller for a small town out in a big rural area.

While it is a good idea to have that larger share name as part of a name, that would result in placing the business somewhere near the bottom of search engine rankings if the name is too generic. Likewise, if the name is too specific, it won’t come up in enough searches. A happy medium is to combine the specific with the generic, which would also encompass the niche market and the broad market.

In the bed example, bed would be a good idea and the city would help narrow it down. Adding something more specific – that perhaps is something that most bed stores don’t have – narrows it down even more. Say your bed store exists in Metropolis and you specialize in mattresses that are gold color. Maybe you like the image of The Princess & The Pea and plan to show a princess sleeping blissfully on your golden mattress, in spite of a very determined pea being under it. Princess Golden Beds of Metropolis then would get the business in the broad category, the middle one, and the niche market.

Maybe the business specializes in candy-apple red paint jobs, in Metropolis. Since Metropolis is famous because of Superman, the name could be something like Superman’s Candy-apple-Red Auto-body Emporium of Metropolis. That would be a real mouthful, but you get the picture. Superman would give you about four million hits; candy-apple red would give you about 2.5 million, and auto-body Metropolis would get about 28,000. But Superman’s Candy-apple Red Auto-body Emporium of Metropolis would get you down to about 3,940…that’s a pretty good niche.

Of course, if the name chosen is your own name, putting that name in brings the niche down to just you, but if your business name also includes what your business is, you become part of the greater search. “Your Name Cleaners of Metropolis” then catches all three levels. Make sure that the business name you are considering includes these levels and you will be sure to be found on the search engines, just as soon as you start driving some traffic to your website.

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