How To Calculate ROI On Post Card Campaigns

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The Baileytown Publishing Group was experimenting with new approaches to marketing. They published numerous magazines which were specialized in areas such as home improvement, gardening, diet and weight loss, cars, and computer and appliance repair. All of their magazines were practical and easy to read and understand. It was a part of the market that they really liked, and they knew that many of their subscribers had taken their magazines for decades.

One thing they had learned over the years was that they should always be in the process of marketing. There were always going to be customers who were in the process of household formation, and those people were their best customers. Self improvement was really important to people who had stable lives and households. Reaching new households was the key to growth, and the question was simply the best was to do that at a time when there was not a great deal of money available to market over wide areas.

They wanted to expand into other markets, but were no sure the best way to go about it. They couldn’t just mail their magazines to tens of thousands of new addresses: it would be exorbitantly expensive. They were at an impasse, until they decided to call in their salesman who had worked for them at the nearby full service printing company for many years. An appointment was made and he came over and sat down with them and listened to an explanation of their predicament. After considering everything, he offered an answer: a post card campaign.

There were many reasons for this approach, but the two most important ones were that they could absolutely control the costs and the areas targeted. Using the post offices Every Door Direct Mail program, they could pick the exact areas where they could market, down to the individual blocks in neighborhoods halfway across the country. It was that precise. This gave them the opportunity to put some real thought into the locations they wanted to target. All they had to do was do some market analysis and determine what types of neighborhood their subscribers lived in, and then find those same neighborhoods in other cities around the country.

Gardening enthusiasts were going to be found in the outer suburbs; diet and weight loss in both high and low income areas; cars would be middle income; computer and appliance repair would be in the middle income areas. It was just a matter of deep analysis of whatever market interested them. The next way that they had control was in the area of costs. To print and mail post cards to the targeted areas was amazingly inexpensive and, assuming they had chosen correctly, it would pay for itself many times over.

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