How To Buy Cheap Granite Worktops

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A Granite worktop gives beauty and style to the kitchen, it comes in different color ranges and patterns. They are a mark of luster and long-lasting splendor. A lot of homeowners invest in Granite Kitchen Worktops to make it appealing and enticing. The price of Granite varies according to quality, it can be disastrous to use a poor quality Granite surface for your kitchen but it is possible to buy cheap granite worktops without compromising in the quality.

Poor quality Granite surface can be easily scratched and heavily pitted. It may even twist over time or break after installation. Cheaper Granites are now easily available in the UK from China and Brazil. The best granites come from Belgium, South Africa, India and Norway. Granite can be likened to a Diamond where price reflects the pleasure and quality that would be delivered.

You must be careful while buying Granite Worktops. However, there are a few factors to consider in order to buy the right one.

1. Look for micro cracks: Since the stone is usually available in dark shed, it is difficult to detect any hairline crack existing in the slab. A worktop with a crack will likely break after a few months. Also, during the installation, it has a high chance of breaking up from the centre.

2. Measure slab thickness: Check the thickness of the slab, you can easily find out if the slab is original or not from the edges of the slab.

3. Polished Edge: Also from the edge you can tell the quality of the Granite.

4. Check the joints: Check the joints to be sure that the worktop will not break while being installed.

5. Pitting: Natural Granite contains internal holes no matter how much it is polished. A good quality Granite will have fewer holes, look closely at the reflection of light in the Granite to observe the pitting.

6. Use the best suppliers: There are a lot of companies selling poor quality Granite with a complete disregard for customer service. As most initial exploration of possible suppliers will be web related, spend some time going through the suppliers website in great detail to get a feel for the company you are dealing with. Poor information, limited ranges, non UK based companies are indicators of suppliers to avoid. These type of suppliers can turn the greatest materials in the world into cheap granite worktops by their shoddy workmanship.

Granite worktops should only be bought after carrying out extensive market survey for the best price, also know that a cheap price or high price does not guarantee quality or less quality. Certain varieties can be a very expensive product and should be bought from a reliable and trustworthy supplier.
Most products today are being bought online and Granite worktops are not an exception, a good supplier will help you get an estimate and also help in the online ordering process. You can start out by forwarding a plan of your kitchen, an estimate will then be prepared and the supplier can then send you a team to come and get the exact measurement of the worktops. The priority of a good supplier would be to deliver to you what you want. You can get a lot of good suppliers online and offline, but you must do due diligence on any supplier you are considering before going into business with the company. Cheap granite worktops cannot simply be measured by the price that you pay but also by the value for money that you obtain.

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