How to Bring Up Your Business In a Casual Conversation

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Knowing how to bring up your business in a casual conversation is often quite easy to do simply because one of the first questions people will often ask when you first meet them, is they will ask what you do. This is a good opening question for you to say what you do but the hard part is knowing when to stop talking about your business. Body language is the best indicator here as to when to change the subject.

When people first meet and want to communicate with you or get to know you better, they will politely inquire as to what you do. This is a leading question and can be answered in a number of different ways. If you don’t want to talk about your business and just want to totally relax, then make light of the question with a humorous reply. A humorous reply always needs to be a polite and courteous answer but hopefully one that they find amusing and even semi-informative.

If a person isn’t really interested in knowing what you do for a living or knowing anything more about you, their body language will show you that they don’t really care and it is important to read these signs very well otherwise you will become known as a social bore.

No-one wants to be a social bore. If you have ever been stuck with talking to someone who rattles on about themselves or their life, you will certainly understand why you don’t want to get that reputation.

Recognize the Body Language if someone wants to know more:

If on answering the question of what you do and a person is interested and wants to know more, they will ask questions. This then is an opening for you to give your elevator speech which should say quite distinctly the foundation of your business in an interesting way. If a person still wants to know more, a person’s body language is likely to be full front facing you with good eye contact. The person’s questions will now be more directed and this is how to bring up your business in a casual conversation.

Recognize the Body Language if they don’t want to know more:

It is easy to spot the body language of someone who doesn’t care about you or your business simply because they won’t ask questions and they don’t make eye contact with you. Their body will be slightly turned away from you and their eyes will be looking over your shoulder or anywhere but on your face. Their conversation is also likely to be mono-syllables. That is, they will answer with something like “really”, “that sounds interesting”,” I see”, “that’s nice”, “Good for you”.

Knowing how to bring up your business in a casual conversation is an important skill to learn. After all, you want to impress and intrigue people rather than bore them to death.

Learning How to Bring Up Your Business in a Casual Conversation is a good social and business networking skill to learn. Click here for more handy social business networking advice.

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