How To Boost The Potential Of A High Achiever In The Workplace

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Leading A High Achiever In The Team

There is always comfort and familiarity with the normal, that’s why it takes a different skill to handle a high achiever in the workplace. It isn’t always a breeze to deal with a gifted team member or employee. In such a case, you have to apply the perfect balance of wind and sail for a gifted achiever to sail smoothly on to your goals and accomplish the exemplary results of their giftedness.

A leader, by all means, need to be flexible and adaptable, and this trait is essential when managing a gifted team member. Giftedness, being a character boon and genetic advantage would typically achieve exceptional endeavors and outcomes, that’s why it can be a godsend to the team. As a leader, adjust to the gifted group member so you can retain and make the most of their skills and capabilities for the team’s success. Here are tips on how to manage a high achiever in the work place.

Useful Tips On How To Deal With A High Achiever In The Work Place:

  • Make the most of their potential. Identify the parameters and let the gifted team member run. Being endowed with skills different from regular team members, high achievers usually have distinctive characteristics, such as being not able to respond well to a controlled process. A gifted person would want to and can soar, they go beyond borders, that’s why a controlled set up would be limiting and will hamper their potentials.
  • Provide challenge. High achievers exceed expectations and limits, and you need to provide the stimulus to make them able to do so. Feed their strength and stretch goals if you must. Give them growth and joy in what they do as well. Prevent them from stagnating, and most of all, reward them when they excel.
  • Understand their needs. Made up of extraordinary traits and characteristics, gifted people may have different needs, too. Identify these and provide so the gifted employee performs their best. Often, high achievers need creative freedom and the right stimulus. They easily get bored as well and would get more interested in doing complex tasks and solving complex problems. As a leader, on your part, it’s like knowing what kind of oil a gifted achieve needs to get their system running smoothly and optimally.

Grow And Retain The High Achiever In The Team

Gifted achievers are a not so common phenomenon, and their giftedness are often gifts to the commonplace. Your goal as a leader is to grow the gifted team member and retain them. Have an honest dialogue with the high achiever in the work place to clarify their needs so they will perform their best and boost the team’s success.

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