How To Boost Employee Morale In Simple Ways

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Employee Motivation For Better Productivity

The right motivation will improve employee morale. Employees feeling positive about their work are by all means more productive. It is not enough that they report to the office, do their job and get paid. Workers have to learn to like the job they do and the company they work for. Boosting employee morale and motivation is one of the major keys to a sustainable, happy and highly productive workforce. Employees that show up on time, communicate better, produce better creativity and prefer to be retained are employees who have high morale. Otherwise, if employee morale is low, more gossiping instead of working, increased number of sick days and poor to fairly satisfactory job performance results.

The management holds the keys to boosting the morale of their employees. It is to the benefit of the organization in the long run because this amps up employee productivity. The management should make employees feel that they are needed, appreciated and valued because this motivates them. Here are some tips to motivate employees and boost their morale.

5 Tips To Boost Employee Morale

Recognize special events. Special events in employees’ lives such as birthdays, births, weddings and achievements of their children are opportunities for the management to show their appreciation to employees. That is, the management can celebrate these events with their employees. It can be something as simple as buying a round of coffee in the morning or having everyone sign a nice card or a monthly birthday party with a cake.

Communication of ideas. Encourage employees to share their ideas, which ought to be a two- way street with the management. Employees can be educated as well so they can contribute more in this endeavor.

Recognize and reward work well done. It makes a person feel good if he/she is valued. The management then should take time to appreciate their employees by praising them verbally or through a little note for a job well done. A pizza party for meeting monthly goals is a great idea, too. The management should make employees feel that their work is valued and that they are fabulous people.

Create a comfortable workplace. A positive working environment makes employees feel a bit happier, other than for aesthetic reasons. Cushy chairs, ergonomic desks and a bright perky office does a lot to improve the employees’ moods.

Build trust. In relationships, whether friendly, romantic or business- oriented, trust is everything. How is trust manifested? There are three approaches:

  • Capability trust- allowing people to participate in discussions and decision- making and trusting their input and opinion.
  • Contractual trust- agreements are kept and employees’ expectations are met.
  • Communication trust- information and positive feedback is shared and speaking with a good purpose about others.

Employee morale and motivation is fueling employees’ drive for optimal performance for the best interest of the company.

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