How to Best Haggle for Promotional Products

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Haggling used to be an act of desperation but now it’s considered as one of the most indispensable traits a wise consumer must have in order to get a good trade. Bargain lowers the products price and thus increase savings. To know how to best bargain for promotional pens, here are some easy-to-do tips:

1. Learn Basic Persuasion Skills.

All of us have learned this from school, but to do this on an actual situation might require practice and follow-through, which most of us might have none. These skills are mostly a matter of common sense. For example, being friendly to your supplier is a no-brainer since you can never let anyone agree with your request if they don’t find you pleasant or polite. When haggling, never be pushy but be forceful. You shouldn’t be rude either. You must be aggressive but not too demanding. In the end, bargain is about making friends.

2. Know the basic Market and Retail Value

If you know the real and outlet price of a certain commodity, you’ll be able to haggle with accuracy. Also, it is impossible for you to be fooled by the suppliers. Knowing these two basic values will let you determine the right price to haggle where you can save and the vendor won’t be have financial shortcomings-in this sense, there will be a break-even.

3. Ask for Extra Perks

After building a friendship between you and your supplier, you can now freely ask for perks such as free shipping, free artwork improvement, additional 20 items more if you buy 100 promotional items, etc. These seem to be “small” favors but it will help cut down your total cost rest assured.

4. Prefer Wholesale Promotional Products.

Buy in bulks. Commodities in large orders will always have discounts. Generally, the more products you’ll buy, the smaller their price becomes.

5. Value Loyalty

Give the impression that you are a potential loyal customer. In this way, the supplier will be so eager to please you and grant every favor you ask from them. You can verbally express your wish to be part of their pool of loyal clients.

6. Show Money

Vendors usually give discounts to buyers who pay in cash, mostly because people buy installments, especially for big transactions. So, if you’re planning to credit your advertising products budget to your company’s account, don’t. Pay in cash and pay in full and you’ll surely have the biggest discount possible.

7. Haggle furtively

Of course, promotional products suppliers don’t want other possible customers to know that they are giving you discounts. Make sure that you will be talking to your suppliers as though you’re planning a heist so that you wouldn’t catch any attention from bystanders.

Czyka Tumaliuan is a marketing expert, specializing in promotional products. Follow her in Twitter to know more about her:!/amelielevou.

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