How To Be A Leader, And Get People To Follow You And Succeed Big

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You have a dream to run for President one day, or you want to leave a legacy for your family by having a large successful business, and or, you plan on creating a foundation for disadvantage kids. How do you, as a leader, get people to follow you in any opportunity, dream and endeavor you want to pursue?. How do you have people come to you begging you to be a part of your organization?.

I intend to share with you in this short article the basic qualities and understanding that you, as a leader, need to have for people to want to give their life for you, their time, their money and even their dream. My friend, to be a leader you must have the ability to influence people, guide, inspire and lead them to do what has to be done for the greater good.

So how do you even begin?. Well the first step is: Do not ever tell people you need them to do anything without first creating and presenting value to them. In other words, what ‘ s in it for them?. What great honor will they get, what feeling of wholeness will they have inside, and how will that benefit them and their loved ones?. Answer these questions each time before you even ask a child to do anything, and they will be begging you to let them do something. Think of and
look at religions and their gods.

Also to lead you must be able to inspire people, for a leader will always influence to do good or bad, and take up a cause like: King, Hitler, Churchill, Kennedy and countless others. A leader knows how to present a situation and have people look at that situation with the same set of eyes he / she is looking at it, pure or twisted. And please do no think and believe that a leader is only a leader when he does good with his leadership, for that is not the criteria. Again, he / she
must be able to inspire others.

As a leader who needs to get people to follow you, you must also understand that this is, have been and will always be a ” Give And Take System “. Always give first to your people a dream, a benefit, a value and a purpose. Only then can you ask of them to join you or do something, like Martin Luther King did.

Learn how to influence people, do not use tricks, or smooth talk. Influence them by first being passionate about what you are talking about, believe in it with all your heart and it will show through. For example look at, Hitler and followers, the Reverend Jones in the 70 ‘ s who had people commit mass suicide, also look at Gandhi and mother Teresa. Because you must remember and acknowledge as well that we are all interconnected in this universe, look at the word ” unity “, all is interlinked, interconnected, intertwined and interwoven. So when you smile, people will smile, when you nod you head, people will nod their head; and when you meet someone and give your first and last name, they will give you their first
and last name as well.

Another important factor on how to be a leader is to never, ever ask anyone to do something that you will not do, not have done, nor already doing. Leading is always by example, always. If Christ asks you to take up your cross, he took his. If Gandhi asked you to walk, he already did. If mother Teresa asked you to give, she already gave all she got. And in a business, if a company asks you to join them, they always give you benefits, perks, stocks for whatever they already have, they want you to have it too. So always be the first one.

As a leader, you will always need people to join you in everything you do, want or dream of. Look at all the religions of the world, what is the one thing they all have in common?. They always want more convert, more people to join and more people to give. So the gods understand this, why don ‘ t you. J. Paul Getty, Bill Gates, Rockefeller all understood this. It is even said ” I would rather have 1% of 1000 people efforts, than to have 100% of my own. ” And it is also written that 1 will put 1000 to flee, and 2 will put 10,000 to flee. So how many more will 100, 1 million?.

And one last point to make, look at multilevel marketing, what is the one thing they all have in common?. Starts with the one, and that one gets three, and each three gets three and so on. So you see dear reader, I say all this to show you if you have no one joining whatever you are doing, you will fail. Who will you be leading today into whatever you want to get done?.

Let us begin today. Let us begin together to help people in every area of their life, let us help them save as much money as possible throughout this bad economy, by influencing them and showing them where to go to save. Also by protecting them in every endeavor they undertake by giving them access to law firms, where their legal rights could be protected especially now with so much legal losses. I encourage you fellow leader to help as many people as you can become great so you could be their greatest leader. By Dr. James Dazouloute

Authored by: Dr. James Dazouloute

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