How To Attract More Clients To Make More Money

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As a Conscious Entrepreneur you have a vision and a mission to fill with your business.

You dream of helping others and making their life easier, yet you are struggling yourself because you don’t have enough clients.

The Irony of the whole situation is that you have potential client out there who are struggling who NEEDS what you can offer them, and you are struggling because you NEED to find these clients in order to make more money.

So how do you break the cycle?

Stop playing small!

Get out there, share your knowledge, and help those you can. New clients can’t find you if you are hiding in your office behind a computer. If you must be at your computer, make yourself known online – write articles, blogs, do videos, and connect with others and build relationships with social media.

People need what you can offer them, they need your help.

Playing small doesn’t serve you or them.

Not to mention, as a Conscious Entrepreneur, you understand that you have Spiritual guidance that wants to help you.

However, if you play small, and don’t put yourself out there to help others – guess what?

Then the Universe matches your energy and will play small and not put itself out there to help you.

Be the help that someone needs.

If you want the Universe to step in and help – What does that look like? To bring you clients, who will bring you money, that will ease your suffering?

If you put yourself in your clients shoes, what help do they need? What do they need to end their suffering?

Be their solution, show them the way to solve their problem.

Your problems will be solved along the way.

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Karen Walker is a mindset and money coach, speaker, author, and trainer, who teaches attraction business & marketing strategies to conscious entrepreneurs who want to make 6-7 figures while working less & having fun! For free tips and resources on transforming your business, visit: Activate Abundance

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