How to Attract Holistic Health Clients With Your One-Minute Marketing Message

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A One-Minute Marketing Message is a short, concise spoken promotion for your holistic health practice. Known in the marketing industry as an “elevator speech,” it is a term describing a quick description of your business that you can use when you have only a few seconds to get your message across.

You will use your One-Minute Message at networking meetings, business events and social settings to introduce yourself and your business. It quickly and concisely describes what you do so that people who hear it will want to know more about you and your services.

We usually have only a few seconds to make a positive first impression and capture someone’s interest. You need to be able to say what you do in a concise way so you don’t lose the attention of potential clients every time you explain your work. Make it magnetic – so their attention or their feet won’t wander off in another direction!

One-Minute Marketing Message Formula

Here’s a formula to help you create your One-Minute Message. All you need to do is customize it by inserting your wording into the formula below. Then practice and memorize it, until you can say it comfortably and confidently.

My name is (insert your name) with (insert business name).

I work with (insert your target market).

who are challenged by (insert client’s challenges)

and want/need (insert your solution, benefits and results).

What differentiates my practice from other (insert profession) is (insert special features of your business).

People who work with me will (insert the results your clients will get).

To learn more, (insert call-to-action – what they should do next, such as call or go to your website).

To receive my no-cost (insert your Free Offer), visit my website (insert URL) or call us at: (insert your phone number)

Deliver Your One-Minute Message with Confidence

People judge you on how you speak about your business because they’re trying to figure out whether you really can help them. They pick up on your confidence level when you describe your business. You don’t want to come across as arrogant, aggressive or weak, but simply show a casual self-assurance that inspires their confidence in you. Memorize your One-Minute Message and make it sound casual and conversational, not like a robotic speech. Practice until you can say it easily and confidently, so people trust you and feel that you can deliver what you promise.

Steps to Success with Your One-Minute Message

1. Work on your One-Minute Marketing Message using the formula above. This formula is a starting point. If necessary, modify it to fit your needs.

2. Practice it a few times with a timer and keep it under one minute. If it’s too long, distill it down more without losing its meaning.

3. Memorize it and practice in the mirror.

4. Practice with a friend and get feedback on both your content and your presentation. You might feel awkward at first, but practice makes perfect. With repetition, you’ll find a way to give it your own authentic voice, making it sound professional and confident, yet sincere and relaxed.

Be Prepared with Your One-Minute Message

Your One-Minute Message is likely to be your most often-used spoken marketing. It will be your standard answer whenever someone in a business or social setting asks “What do you do?” So make sure you’re prepared with a memorable, magnetic message that makes people want to work with you and refer others to your holistic health practice.

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