How Service Companies Promote With Promotional Products

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Years of research, and market statistics, clearly show that giveaway promotional products are a great marketing tool for companies looking for a cost effective way to advertise their products and services. There are multiple advantages to utilizing this mode of promotion. First, and foremost, given the state of the economy, and the state of most bottom-lines, a more inexpensive alternative to more traditional advertising media like newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.

Add to that the fact that these promotional products also have a much longer shelf life. They will stay around for much longer, being used and seen again and again, not just by the person who received them in the first place but my friends, colleagues, and random passers by. Add those facets up, and what you essentially have is the almost perfect low cost method of keeping your brand name out there and relevant for a long, long time!

Another advantage of promotional products is that this kind of imprinted product give away campaigns are also great for employee incentive programs and for recognition awards for performance. Promotional products are a great way to popularize your services through trade shows as handouts, or through mail campaigns. Studies show that mail campaigns that include promotional products are much more likely to afford positive returns for the advertiser. Someone receiving a useful or entertaining gift with a mailer automatically associates the feel good factor with your brand. They are also much more likely to call you or recommend you to their friends or colleagues.

They work just as well for service companies as for production companies. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, promotional products and the giveaway model are great ways to build awareness of your brand, and to increase your client and customer base.Service based companies such as air conditioning companies, electrical contractors, lawn maintenance firms, and a host of other service providers can all benefit from the use of promotional products to advertise and reinforce their brand name, and promote their services.

As a small example, consider this case study. A rural bank needed to promote and popularize its trust program, a special service it had recently launched. Instead of use models such as newspaper or TV/radio advertising, they decided to run a saturation campaign aimed at conveying the meaning of the trusts, and the purpose of these trusts for people who had small estates. From bank employees who wore necklaces and buttons with the slogan to arouse curiosity to smaller buttons, pens, and such which were handed out to walk-in customers, the emphasis was on unconventional. Other useful items like key chains, tape measures, and heart-shaped tags were given to customers, people making enquiries, and so on. The direct result of this campaign of promotional products was that 400 new trusts were set up within the month, and over $6 million arrived at the bank in the form of new accounts.

Obviously then, these giveaway items like the wide range available from the team at Action Printing Inc aren’t just useful for people selling “things”. Service companies can draw equal benefits from these campaigns, and help popularize their services.

Bob M Simon is Marketing Director of Action Printing, the Promotional items Superstore. More information can be found at Promotional products.

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