How Promotional Products Can Help to Grow Your Customer List

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In today’s oversaturated advertising market, the use of promotional products can play a viable and extremely beneficial role, providing an ROI at least equal to other major forms of advertising. Recent research by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) states that it may even be equal to that of TV and print advertising. The average cost per impression of the top promotional items is £0.003, comparable to TV advertising at £0.008, radio at £0.003 and advertising hoardings at £0.003.

Promotional products are an ideal way to increase your customer list – in terms of both potential business and actual realised sales. Whilst we are all aware of the principles of increasing brand exposure and familiarity with brand image, we all too often under estimate the impact this generates. A huge 79% of businessmen and women said they were likely to conduct business with a company from which they had received a promotional gift.

In terms of flexibility, promotional gifts can offer much greater potential than other advertising mediums. The range and applications of the product range is unparalleled, from budget pens to premium reward incentives.

Perhaps the classic perception is of gifts as giveaways, and this is indeed a very valid way to increase a marketing database. At shows, exhibitions and similar appropriate environments, potential customers are encouraged to visit a stand and provide contact details in order to receive a free gift.

The ‘giveaway’ principle also works well as part of a direct mailing campaign, as an encouragement to open what might otherwise be discarded as junk mail. This significantly increases the likelihood of increased brand awareness and contact between your business and potential new customers.

In recent years, there has been a sharp upturn in customer referrals as a way to increase contact databases, particularly website-based. A gift incentive is a foolproof way to encourage customers to recommend a friend; by branding the gift, the exposure is yet further extended. Sales incentives work equally well, with a branded gift given with an order or re-order. Set a minimum order value, and the offer of a promotional gift can significantly increase spend per head.

Similarly, with social media playing an increasingly important part of most marketing strategies, giveaways can be used to encourage social interactions.

With 87% of recipients keeping promotional gifts for over a year, and 56% changing to a more favourable opinion of a company from which they have received a gift, there can be little doubt that this is an incredibly effective approach to increase a customer base.

Lorna Walkden is the budding author at Ellenell, a leading promotional gifts retailer based in London. With 28 years experience in the gift market, Ellenell stocks a wide range of corporate gifts to personalise with your logo. For more details visit

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