How Online Video Content Marketing Can Help You Win Enterprise Deals

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More and more case studies are being published on how online video content marketing is driving action to improve conversion across all points of the sales cycle – from getting found on search engines to providing information on what distances your company from the competition and closing the sale.

If you are selling into enterprise level clients you know that there is more of a diverse set of busy decision makers out there than ever before. With decision makers having access to a ton of information and the ability make their own assessment in the buying process keeping all the decision makers engaged enough so you can navigate and overcome any objections is the key to winning more deals.

A Forbes Insight Study reveled that 59% of C-level decision makers prefer video to reading text because it helps them make deeper connections with your company and better understand your product / service, team and value propositions. However, most sales peoples till use white papers, case studies, websites and other pieces of paper. Because paper does not provide a personal connection, it is no wonder why decision makers don’t “have time” to sift through the information your marketing department spent so much money on. Thus, these decision makers, may not be educated on how you can support their business objectives.

Because online video content marketing reaches out, informs and builds trust with your customers quicker, easier and more effectively than any other marketing medium, a well thought out plan for using online video marketing content in your enterprise deals will differentiate your organization, give you a competitive edge to drive sales.

Here are a few areas for your organization to get started using online video marketing in your enterprise level sales process.

1. What paper is used the most? Look at your company’s brochures, product specs, case studies and white papers. These are widely used in the sales process and can have a greater impact using web video content marketing. Keep them engaged and win the deal!

2. What do you find your sales team repeating? An Invodo webinar reported that 66% of buyers watch product informational-intensive videos two or three more times. Which means they are going back multiple times to get more information to make informed purchase decisions. Get them informed and win the deal!

3. What is easy to show but difficult to explain? You have product/service information on your website… you talk about your products and services with video production just like you do everyday! You are the expert, show your stuff. Get them to understand and win the deal!

4. Who makes your company the best? Enterprise buyers know sales people only represent the team that will be executing your solution. Arm your sales team with video marketing content that allows these buyers to connect with your team. From your tech, project management, support to operation. Get them to connect with your team and win more deals!

5. Post presentation objection handling – Record answers to the top three objections your customers have about post-presentation. Tell your clients that you know what their problems are and which products or services you have created and why you have created them. This will build trust and credibility without directly selling to win more deals.

6. Thank you videos – Send a thank you video after every meeting. Remind customers about your value propositions and insert testimonials from other clients to win more deals.

Just like 10 years ago when your needed a website, you will soon need professional video marketing content to drive your messaging. Getting stated sooner will distance your organization from the rest by giving your clients easy to consume content that they will enjoy. And thus giving your company a competitive advantage.

And corporate online video marketing with a quality online video production company to create your online video can serve greater benefits to larger businesses that work hard to shape public perception. Marketing with online video for larger corporations can support their sales teams with content that differentiates them in all parts of the sales process. Simply put, online marketing with video can become a useful everyday tool in the life of a long sales and marketing processes.

In addition to providing your sales team with innovative sales-tools that distances your product’ and services business value, you will be adding excitement to the buying experience to your customers.

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