How Online Booking Systems Work

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Most businesses these days have their own website. Business websites help customers find the business and learn about the services it provides, and are therefore one of the most effective marketing tools a business can have. Online reservation systems take this to the next level, allowing customers to book 24/7 over the Internet.

When looking for services most of us like to check out a few different businesses before deciding which one to book with. Allowing online reservations on your website greatly increases the chances of a customer booking with your company, instead of the next business that shows up on Google which does allow online bookings.

You don’t have to be an IT wiz to use an online reservation system. Online booking systems can be surprisingly easy to setup, install, and use thanks to today’s generation of online web-based booking software.

For an online reservation system to work it needs some details about your business and the service it provides. Firstly, it needs to know the what services your customers can book including pricing details, and any other information you want to show your customers when they’re choosing a service to book. A good system will provide you with an easy way of defining your services. When a customer makes a reservation they’ll firstly choose the service they want to book.

Secondly, your online booking system will ask you to enter details of your staff or resources. Staff/resources are what provide those services. For example, John Citizen may provide services A,B, and C, while Mary Smith may provide services A,B and E. The system will prevent double bookings with this information, while still allowing your customer to book a service if there’s a staff/resource available for the chosen time slot.

It’s important that the booking system you choose lets you specify the days and times your staff/resources are available for booking, and it should also let you over-ride the default working days/times if needed. Your staff may go on holidays, or take a half day off here and there, so you’ll want your booking calendar to reflect this and prevent your customers to book a staff member that’s not available.

Once these details have been entered into the reservation system you’ll then need to plug it into your website. This is done by copying and pasting some HTML code directly into your site. Once your done you’re good to go, and your business and customers can start benefitting from online reservations.

The easy and powerful online reservation system

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