How I Use Facebook To Market My Fitness Business (And Why You Might Be Killing Yours)

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Whilst I’m not the hugest fan of social media the way most of the fitness marketing gurus seem to be these days, I can’t help but admit that it’s pretty damned cool for growing your fitness business… if you use it well, that is.

Trouble is, most fitness professionals, in my opinion at least, don’t use it well at all.

Instead of ‘doing Facebook’ the right way, the way that demonstrates their expertise, their knowledge, their skills, their abilities and, perhaps most important of all, their genuine desire to serve their tribe, they get involved in all manner of inane and, perhaps, insane behaviour that does nothing to strengthen their position in the marketplace and plenty to weaken it.

Swearing, having public arguments, posting pictures of themselves and their buddies getting drunk and whinging about their annoying clients, how hard they’re finding things at the moment or those incessant photographs of what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week do little, if anything, to take their businesses to the heady heights they claim they wish to be at and instead relegate them to the minor leagues in the eyes of both their clients and prospects.

“But my clients LOVE me” I hear you cry and, you know, you may well be right about that, but your behaviour with your clients that know you, like you and trust you can be VERY different in person or even in your own community than it can or should be in open forum areas like Facebook where you should be doing your best to impress.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be yourself, you absolutely should, but your ‘warts and all’ self should be saved for people that know you, not areas where those that don’t are getting to know you.

You may not think it hurts your image, you may even think it helps you to appear more approachable and human, but I assure you, most of the people you’d most want to be your clients think different. They may think you’re humorous but most aren’t overly impressed by overt displays of swearing, arguing and general silliness. After all, these aren’t the qualities that most people are looking for in their trainer are they?

And that’s the point!

EVERY time you go into Facebook, you’re shouting “THIS IS WHO I AM!” at the top of your voice for, almost literally, all the world to hear.

Is what you’re shouting what you MOST want people to think about you?

For many trainers, the answer to that question will be a resounding ‘No!’

So that begs the question, “why shout it?”

For my part, Facebook has nearly always been used to shout out as loudly as possible 3 things. Just 3.

1. I know my stuff.
2. I care about you.
3. I can help you.

Why these three things specifically?

Well, because these are the only three things that really count from both a personal and a business perspective, that’s why.

Every single day when I go online I’m looking for ways to demonstrate that I know my stuff whether in the area of fitness, diet, health, mindset or marketing, for this simple reason that this is what I want to be known for. An expert, a true resource in these areas.

That’s why I’m always adding post links, starting (or entering) conversations on these topics and adding something a little more than general chit chat to each one. My aim is to show people that what I say is worthy of listening to, that I’m worthy of attention, that I’m ‘a cut above’.

If I’m just going to be ‘one of the crowd’, just another ‘also ran’ then what would be the point of my involvement?

In every instance I’m trying to demonstrate that what I am is a true expert, a resource that is consistent in my message and my approach. Someone who can be trusted… even if you don’t necessarily agree with me.

Second, I go online to demonstrate that I actually care about the people that are in my tribe (or who are thinking about joining it) and that I’m not ONLY out to get their money.

During my time on Facebook I answer quite a large number of PM’s, instant messages and enter many conversations where people are asking for help or advice, despite that most of the fitness marketing guru’s have told me this is bad practice and poor use of my time and resources.

I don’t see how it could possibly be!

I mean, purely from a marketing perspective, how could speaking directly to your target audience and demonstrating your ability to solve their problems ever be a waste of time?

And from a human perspective, in a profession where we claim to be in service to others because we’re passionate about what we do ever be the wrong thing to do?

Sure, you have to guard against wasting all your time online and there’s only so many people you can help, but you CAN help, right?

And this helping without pay, just from the goodness of your heart, demonstrates your genuine concern and care for people who, funnily enough, ending wanting to spend money with you BECAUSE you care. It’s self-serving to serve others, but in a good way:)

Last, but certainly not least, I’m demonstrating that I’m the right person with the right solution at the right time to help you get from where you are to where you want to be. As much as possible my answers are complete or I send you to resources that will give you the answers you seek like my videos, free reports, websites, communities or even other paid resources.

What I’m doing at all times is presenting you the opportunity to believe that I am the only logical choice for the solution you seek. By that, I mean that of all the people you can possibly think of, I’m the only one that makes sense to ask for help, even if that means paying money and even if it means paying a LOT of money for that help.

I become the only logical choice by DECIDING IN ADVANCE what my core philosophies as a person, as a coach and as a businessman are and making sure that these are consistently delivered through every interaction I make online.

Is it hard?

No, not at all!

Because these come from my core persona, I’m simply operating in my passion-zone and doing what comes naturally which is, quite honestly, demonstrating my skill, showing that I care and giving help where I can.

And you know, because of this I make a lot of money from Facebook.


And you could too, if you apply this same approach.

Decide who you want to be known as and what you want to be known for then simply ask “Am I being that person in this post?” and if not, don’t post it.

Try it for a week and see how it works for you and your fitness business. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised: )

To Your Success!

Dax Moy is one of the UK’s most respected personal trainers and fitness marketing coaches and runs educational programs for trainers from all over the world.

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