How Different Banner Stands Can Enhance Your Overall Trade Show Display Impact

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Marketing conventions deliver ample opportunity for businesses in any industry and with any focus to mingle with targeted clientele in a relatively intimate setting and go head to head with the competition. Most business leaders and chief executives will agree that promotional event participation delivers a perfect ROI storm of face-to-face interaction, lead generation, competitor sizing up and, most importantly, conversion to more than warrant the initial overhead costs. However, in today’s economic climate, fiscal responsibility remains paramount for organizations looking to sustain growth. This mindset may have entrepreneurs thinking twice before purchasing new, elaborate trade show displays or signing up for trade show display rentals.

Just because more and more organizations are tightly monitoring their bottom line and expenditures, it doesn’t automatically mean that a company shouldn’t invest in some version of the trade show display for upcoming promotional conferences. For these budget conscious organizations, banner stands, in their many versions and applications, may be an ideal solution. Cringing at the thought of merely waving a glorified party streamer at the next big industry gathering? Don’t be. Today’s stands come in a variety of materials, shapes and designs to complement your current trade show displays or even stand alone as a potent promotional tool.

Today’s Banner Stands: Compact Design For Major Marketing Impact

While these visual exhibits have been embraced by the conference circuit for many years, recent evolutions of this trade show display apparatus have brought forward an entirely new layer of application and impact. Yes, traditional one-dimensional roll-up versions are still readily available in a multitude of colors and customized designs, and still have a steady following of uses as one of the most often employed display tactics. Their portability and relatively inexpensive overall cost ensures their popularity for years to come. However, newer versions of stands should also be explored to ensure the final design makes the best visual impact possible.

Know The Latest Options: Fabric And Dimensional Displays

For business leaders looking to go a step up from a standard banner stand, fabric banner stands may deliver an ideal solution. These promotional displays come in various shapes and designs for a modern, sleek look. While not as easily transported as a standard version, a fabric banner stand can come with self-contained accessories like lights and shelving, perfect for prominently displaying products from your line or even marketing materials.

A dimensional banner stand is a newer option that may also complement any visual presentation. A dimensional exhibit offers double-sided promotional material for an extra layer of marketing impact. From choosing various colors, shapes and other customization tactics, the options are virtually endless.

With so many choice and design possibilities along with simple transport and relatively inexpensive price points, it’s easy to see why a standard or customized banner stand can deliver a significant impact at any trade show display. Partner with a reputable design firm to ensure innovative results and maximum return on investment and get ready to impress at the next industry exhibition.

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