How Branding Can Help You Get More Clients

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Larger corporations build their fortunes by investing heavily in their branding. Branding encompasses meaning, experience, emotion and image together in a way which resonates with potential clients.

The power of branding is so huge that it has the ability to create a movement and establish a base of raving fans who will readily purchase from you because your product, service offerings and branding aligns with what they want.

But don’t think that branding should only be reserved for the big guns – if it can create a loyal following for big businesses, it can certainly work for you too – no matter how small your business. The key is to ensure consistency throughout your values, your image and the experience you deliver to your customers.

The NIKE brand for example is synonymous with being perceived as cool, trendy, innovative, energetic and transformational. And in true alignment with these attributes, its clothing is seen as trendy, functional and innovative for its customers. Nike has successfully imbued loyalty in its customers who make repeated purchases – a good lesson for smaller businesses and solopreneurs alike.

Apple is an example of a high-tech and highly innovative brand and words like revolutionary, expressive and technologically advanced can certainly be attributed to this brand. Its customers know that when they buy something from the Apple brand, they are going to get the very best in design AND functionality – and this keeps its customers coming back for more.

These brands didn’t attain their image by accident – they were intentionally designed this way. When a customer or a client is able to resonate with the values your brand stands for, it helps to effortlessly get them to ascribe to your brand. Asking them to make a purchase (even for higher priced offerings) then becomes easy, regardless of price.

For example, customers who are loyal to a particular brand of skincare will usually stick with it throughout their lifetime and will happily try more expensive products in the range because the products deliver on something known as the ‘brand promise’ – that is what the brand promises to deliver to its customers.

Olay is a brilliant example of this – their product offerings start at less than $10, and go all the way to $40+ in price. Do you think Olay has a problem converting its lower priced customers into higher paying ones? Not at all – and this is because Olay delivers on its promise of beautiful and younger looking skin.

As long as your image, values and the experience and promise you deliver are unified and aligned with your prospective clients, you can easily create a memorable brand, even if you’re just starting out.

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