How a Small Business Can Advertise Better in a Time of Recession

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Over the last few months the market has certainly changed. However some companies have still been able to grow and thrive. They have been able to do this by implementing and using effectively a few of the following tips:

  • Narrowing down your products and only stuck with what was the most value to our customers. In business, you cannot be all things to all people and you must produce what you are setup for. But by specializing in less it makes your advertising message more clear and less confusing.
  • Every customer counts. Don’t rely on new customers as much as you did in the past and worry more about servicing your existing clients. These are people who have had a need for your products in the past and more than likely will need your products in the future. In the current economic client the sell is a lot harder but the people who still need your products will by from you. A way you can implement repeat sales is by sending out newsletters in envelopes with a custom colorful sticker on the back of the envelope.
  • Exhibitions and trade shows can have targeted and niche customers face to face with your brand. You can successfully target these types of shows and have a fantastic response.
  • For local customers, you are able to gain a lot of new local customers by using fence space of friends and family. By putting up a banner on a fence you can obtain new enquiries.
  • Turn your cars into advertising vehicles. By wrapping or putting signage on your car you can optain free advertising while you drive.

Some of these tips might not be suitable for your small business. But by implementing some of these processes now will hopefully gain a long-term benefit to your business as you are starting to implement new channels.

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Jamie Xuereb
Founder – Mediapoint Pty Ltd

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