How a Promotional Wall Calendar Will Help Your Business Grow

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Every business person knows that keeping a customer can be a challenge. A great way to show gratitude for their business and help your business grow is to give a wall calendar as a gift. Since many large corporations have a $50 and under price for any gifts that employees receive, a wall calendar fits the bill perfectly.

Benefits of Using a Wall Calendar
A wall calendar is a great visual way to project your company’s image. Because they are conspicuous, they can serve to remind all who see it about some important events, appointments, or dates that shouldn’t be missed.

Typically, the images are related to one another (themed), such as different kinds of animals; pictures of nature, such as mountains, trees, flowers, medicinal plants, people; or famous events and holidays around the globe.

Size of a Wall Calendar
It may be as small as six inches by six inches but the most common size is 12 inches by 12 inches (US) or something close to 305 mm by 305 mm (international size). Other sizes, especially the customized ones, are available per request.

Using a Wall Calendar as Advertising
For companies, designing a calendar can help achieve marketing success by taking inspiration from the things that your clients might love. Examining the behavior of your target market is one way for you to find out the theme that will help your company increase its visibility in the market. Moreover, some companies usually showcase their product showing one each month of the year.

Customers love them and they are a great medium by which advertisers can reach to their customers “the easy way.” Companies who succeed usually do not stuff the calendar with their information. Let your calendar show the customer what he needs to see in the calendar: dates, months, and space where they could write whatever will happen on a specific date, and nice pictures that may give them inspiration every time of the day.

Cost-Effective Advertising
If you need to buy less than 100, the most cost effective gift you could give is a theme calendar and then attach an attractive label to promote your business. If you want to make a wall calendar using company’s photos, you need to order at least 1000 wall calendars to make your project cost-effective. If you have 12 beautiful photos, you are set to creating a great wall calendar. But make sure that these photos are related to one another and something that the customer can relate to the kind of products you’re advertising. Don’t expect this to be a quick project. By the time you decide on the photos and start production, your planning period can last from two to six months.

Studies show that wall calendars and date planners are the most effective type of calendars. The reason for the effectiveness lies on the level of exposure of the calendar to the user – wall calendar being used every day and is seen by the entire office (even visitors in the office see it) – you will have a very good chance of making your business grow by helping people get accustomed to the kind of company you run and the services or product you offer.

Date planners are used on a daily basis to manage meetings, appointment, and other compromises. The desk planners have the edge over the wall calendar because the desk planner usually is a tool that travels with the user at all times.

Wall calendars are economical and practical: economical because you can spend only a few dollars per calendar versus the high advertising costs of using magazines, brochures or trade shows. A wall calendar is practical because it provides a huge benefit to customers by organizing their daily tasks, reminding them of important schedule, among others.

A lot of calendar printing companies have helped companies achieve their marketing objective through the use of a wall calendar promotion. The Internet could be a great resource to find the best company that will help you run an advertising campaign that will bring huge ROI for you. Visit Google and type “international calendar” for you to find unique ways to market to all of your customers in a cost-effective way.

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