Hire a Graphic Designer Or Your Nephew Judd? Tip #3

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Everyone has a computer and everyone knows someone that claims to be able to save you money by creating your advertising for you. We’ve got a name for those that take on the task of creative development that shouldn’t – it is called Nephew Art. You have planned your advertising to get you the most bang for the buck and now you decide to cheap out and get someone untalented to create your ad – it’s crazy – don’t make the mistake.

Having spent more than 20 years working with graphic designers, interviewing hundreds, and viewing the work of thousands, I can assure you that it is an area where you should invest some time and money. It doesn’t mean that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an agency but you should take the time to find a designer that you can work with who is talented, open-minded, creative and has an eye for marketing. When working with an agency, you get Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Account Executives and Media Planners all working together to give you the best product but for most small businesses, it will be you working directly with a Graphic Designer – so you both need to fill a few shoes to get great work.

Graphic Design ties together words, images, size, colors, fonts, space, borders and more. The challenge in advertising design is to take the artist and tie them together with the marketing initiative. True Graphic Designers are Artists first and foremost and sometimes have a tendency to drift away from what the ad needs to accomplish and instead end up designing a piece of art. Keep your mind on what you want to accomplish and encourage the Graphic Designer to be creative – discuss what you want to accomplish first and then discuss the finished design as a team. A collaborative approach works well, but only if you allow their talents to shine, be heard and evolve.

When working with a Graphic Designer make certain they understand what you are trying to accomplish, your timelines, budget and vision – then let them do their thing. Find a graphic designer that you can work with long term. The longer you work together, the less you have to discuss what you want because the brand becomes a collaborative understanding between the two of you. Your company brand will begin to evolve whether planned or not from what is designed.

In the case of internet advertising, most often it is meant to provoke a click which would lead to your website where more information is available. You and your Graphic Designer should answer these questions before deciding whether you created something that is good and ready to be uploaded:

Does your ad stand out from the page?
Does it grab your eye and capture your attention?
Is the message quick, simple and clear?
How are the colours and fonts for clarity?
Can the message be seen and understood or does the brain need to read it?
If the customer is motivated to click – will they find what they want at the other end?

Find a good graphic designer that you can work with – they’ll give you better value in what you deliver to the public in the way of advertising. Allow your Nephew Judd to look up to you because you make good business decisions without ever having to fire him for incompetence.

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