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Most thriving companies are built on their concepts as well as their principles, good products or services, but most of all on their people. You still have to have good people to run an excellent business. You do not necessarily need to have good men and women to stay in business, look at how you feel when you contact a service number for your utility bill or your cell phone bill; these businesses know that the bare minimum will be fine because no one else is doing any better.

However, for a highly competitive field, where your products are measured by the customer against others and the competition is always looking for an advantage, you have to stay ahead. And the best way to do that is with good people surrounding you. This means that not only do you have to have a thorough plan in place for hiring your staff, but you will need to keep them motivated and aiming to get better through good training regiments and the ways to help them grow as workers.

There are a variety of jobs that seem brainless and tedious and these positions might not hold the interest of each and every person put into them. Sometimes you’ve got to be able to identify people that have potential to expand and do other things. You also need to have a way for them to express themselves. That doesn’t mean that you have to have casual Friday or have a relaxed dress code, but you will have to permit them to express their ideas and their issues and even share what they like concerning the job.

It doesn’t always have to be negative, this feedback, it can be positive and the more you allow them to open up and talk about their concepts and see that their ideas are in fact regarded, will make them even more willing to go the extra mile. This is especially true if the person that came up with the idea is actually given credit for what they have done and the supervisor or manager does not take all of the credit for themselves.

People like to be given credit when credit is due, and if it’s in the form of compensation or recognition, than that’s even better. But when an idea is adopted and credit is shared among the higher ups, the supervisors and managers and the person directly responsible never seems to be recognized, then it becomes a problem or moral and the new ideas will soon dry up.

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