Help – How Do I Sell My Books?

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As a publisher, I’m often hearing authors say, “Help me sell my books… please!” They want more!

What they mean is, “I made a great book, I believe in it, I just don’t know how to sell it.”

That is, no doubt, the Million Dollar question! Every author wants to sell more books.

So what do you say to the author? Well, the biggest question with authors and their books is this: What are the books to you?

Seriously, what are your books to you? Are they:

· stepping stones,
· gifts of thanks,
· money makers,
· appointment generators,
· respect getters,
· door openers,
· speaking gig getters,
· part of your speaking package,
· or something else entirely?

Once you have answered that question, the next step is simple: Put your books to use in whatever way meets the plan you have for the book.

If your books are “appointment getters,” then use them accordingly. If your books are “door openers,” then use them however you can to open doors. Whatever your plan, do it!

Your books might look great, might be in the bookstore system, and might have the greatest content ever… but if you as the author don’t put them to use in some way, then they aren’t going to be used.

One author created a great book, paid big bucks for a “killer” cover, and went to press. It really was a work of art. He’s even in the bookstore system, on Amazon, etc. However, his plan was this… to hope that his book will generate sales by itself.

This is no plan. What’s more, he’s not doing any of the social media necessary, no blogs or website presence, no speaking or interviews. He’s waiting… it’ll be a long wait, my friend.

Instead, he should have figured out what his book is to him. What is it? If it’s a respect getter, then the actual dollar amount he gets from the sale isn’t the #1 goal. Unfortunately, his book is now two years old and he isn’t putting his book to use.

Another author had a plan with his book. It held a specific value to him. The book was to be a stepping stone. He sold it for cheap. He gave copies away. He used the book as a tool. And the result wasn’t a big bank account, it was more business, and that’s exactly what happened. He has not only reprinted his book, but he went on to write two more books, launch a full-scale training program, and he’s teaching/training all over the US.

It began with a book that was a stepping stone, and that was exactly how he used it.

Another author wanted to make millions, change the world, and gain respect, all with the launch of her very cerebral book. Well, she didn’t make millions or change the world yet, but she did gain respect in her community. She has reprinted and is in the bookstore system, but the main goal of gaining respect in her community as a professor has worked extremely well.

So, how do you sell your books?

First, form your plan, get your book done, and then put it to use. When you do that, your success is guaranteed!

Brian Mast ( and ) is an author and master book creator who has helped write, edit, and publish almost 200 books with more than 1.7 million copies in print, and counting. If you are ready to make your book a reality, he can help.

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