Having Fun and Making Action – A Crucial Cycle to Sales Success

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It’s always amazing how things go in cycles and as one thing ends another begins. I have found this to be true in my 17+ years of sales with everything from quota measurements, realignments of territories, bonus systems as well as the selling process itself. We seem to continue to look for the magical answer to all of these things only to return at some point back to the beginning of where we started.

In all of this rapid cycling that continues day in and day out, I have found a very key cycle that exists in top sales reps that truly leads you to #1 and this cycle has allowed me to accomplish this feat multiple times in my career.

The cycle to successful sales

Most sales reps and managers continually search for the secrets to success in pharmaceutical sales looking high and low for the golden egg that will lead them to consistent top 10% sales. Some read multiple books on the latest new trend, some feel the need to change everything they are doing as last year did not produce the results they wanted, and many just give up trying settling for mediocrity while I believe the answer is fairly simple. The first key is simple; find a way to have fun. Instead of focusing on the many things we cannot control and getting frustrated, focus on the aspects of the job that are the most enjoyable to you and then continue to do them over and over. This simply puts you in a different mindset, makes you want to continue to do these things, and is probably matching your talents to things you enjoy thus allowing you to have fun, which will show up in your essence and your results.

The second half to this cycle is going into each office/account with a very different mindset than most people go in with. It seems many reps are going into the office to just check the box and not be a real business owner. I believe they think the goal of the office call is to just drop samples or see how many pages of their detail piece they can get through. The last time I checked there wasn’t extra credit for doing any of these things and getting in this mindset will quickly slow your sales down leading you to look up at a ranking list with your name at the bottom. I also believe every rep out there knows their DM’s number one focus is for them to take action or ask for the business on every call, which forces many to give a half-hearted close or asking for the next 20 patients.

I have always tried to coach a Make Action mindset, where the goal is simply to make something happen differently in that office when my call was over: simply put we come to an agreement to do something that will benefit everyone. First of all, this mindset gets rid of the pressure packed hard close and secondly it forces me to focus on everyone in the office. I always tried to create a factory line feel, where everyone has a job in the process I just need to get an agreement with each person on what they will do in order for us to get the job done(i.e. get a sale). That way each person has a small part that is easy to agree to do, no one person is overwhelmed, and we all benefit in the outcome.

Have Fun Make Action

Once you understand each of these 2 steps and start to put them into place the cycle will begin for you leading to better and better sales results. It’s amazing when you start focusing on Making Action how it becomes very fun and once you start to have fun you want to make even more action-thus the cycle is off and running. Making Action leads to Having fun and Having fun leads to Making Action-try it, you won’t be disappointed and for those of you not doing well what do you have to lose since what your currently doing is not working why not try what the top 10% sales reps have already figured out-that Having Fun and Making Action works.

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