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Over the past decade, we have all grown accustomed to global positioning systems (GPS). We utilize them in our cell phones and on the dashboards of our automobiles to give us direction on where we are going. We can be going to a destination where we have never been before and easily find our way using one of these devices. They keep us from getting lost and frustrated, and save us time.

The human members of our organizations also need direction. A worker can be much more motivated and satisfied in doing a job when he or she understands how that job is important for the organization’s success. That is why organizational leaders need to ensure all of the members are aware of the organization’s direction and that their work is directly tied to the organization’s success.

Once the directional plan has been drawn up by the leadership of the organization, communication is important. It makes no sense if the organization’s plan of success resides in the leaders’ heads and the employees are not aware of it. Communication should be on an organization-wide basis through venues like newsletters, posters, leaders holding conferences with their members, etc. One on one communication between leader and member is also important so there is clear understanding on the part of the member how his or her work contributes to the success of the plan.

In many organizations, there is a disconnect between the direction the organization wants to go in and the members lack of understanding of that direction as it applies to their work. In other words, they do not have a “GPS” to guide them in their work. I have worked with many organizations in the past that have a plan of direction but it is not well-known by all of the members. It helps to motivate the members when they know how their work contributes to the direction the organization wants to go in.

If you are an organizational leader, don’t let lack of understanding direction on part of the members hinder organizational success. Two factors will help in setting all the organization’s members on the same path:

1. A clear plan for organizational success exists and it is written, specific and measurable so it can be monitored.

2. The plan is communicated regularly to the organization’s members, and each one of them knows his or her part in contribution to the execution of that plan through the work performed.

3. Periodic reviews of the journey are conducted to ensure everyone is on the same path that is to lead to organizational success.

Direction is guidance we all need. The GPS for the organization is a clear plan to achieve success, and everyone in the organization understanding how his or her work contributes to arriving at the targeted destination.

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