Growing Your Business by Increasing Your Customer Count

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The value of increasing your customer count is simple to understand. If you grow your customer base, you will have more business since you are providing services and products to more customers.

Note that this, by far, is the most common area for business owners to focus on. This is where most of the money is spent when it comes to business growth. But remember, if you fail to respect Strategy 1, you might be wasting your money here, and many companies do.

But getting more customers is not always easy; in fact, it is always difficult to get new customers. This is because of the amount of effort involved in the process.

First, you have to find a good customer, and just because you have found someone who wants to do business with you, it does not necessarily follow that they are a good customer. Maybe they don’t pay their bills, or maybe they are in business but they are not very good at being in business and soon they will fail, leaving you with an unpaid accounts receivable.

Even if they pay their last bill, you have spent a fair amount of time developing the relationship, so it is not good for you that they go out of business. And this brings up the second part of getting more customers: after you find them, you have to develop a relationship, and that always takes time and effort.

So getting new customers is not easy.

How do you find new customers?

Most business owners use only two or three methods of obtaining new customers, and often, a particular business sector shares these methods. For example, car dealers usually advertise on TV or in the newspaper. Realtors favor lawn signs. Insurance companies and non-profit organizations use telephone soliciting, and so forth. Book sellers use word of mouth and magazine advertising. All of this is changing with the growing popularity of the Internet, and each business sector is being affected differently.

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