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In collaboration with PABC, I recently interviewed clinic owners to determine their biggest challenges in growing their private practice. During these interviews, I learned that the four key challenges are: recruiting physical therapy therapists, time to dedicate to business growth, lack of business, and marketing skills. In this article, I’ll help you tackle one of these challenges.

Finding enough time to grow your private practice while balancing patient care is one of your key business challenges.

In order to grow your practice, you have to create space to focus on it and have clarity about what you need to do. Otherwise you will get pulled in multiple directions and never accomplish the important things you need to do.

To help you be more effective, I offer you my three strategies for focus, clarity, and successful grow your practice.

1. Block out weekly “work on business” times.

When you find that months go by before you have a chance to work on marketing or planning, you clearly need to block dedicated time to focus on growing your business. Consider dedicating at least a half day a week for this. It would be ideal if it were the same day and time each week, but if this isn’t possible, then block this “work on business” time in advance of each week, say the Friday before, so your focus on growing your business isn’t lost.

This strategy is like making an appointment with yourself. Think of this appointment as if it is a meeting with a patient. You wouldn’t miss it would you? If you need to reschedule an appointment with yourself, you must reschedule the date sometime in the same week. The problems start when you let yourself off the hook and just don’t do it.

2. Determine the most important one or two things you can do to grow your business each week.

This is best referred to as having clarity, clarity about the most important things you can do to grow your practice. You likely already know one thing you ought to do that would make a real difference. Write this down. Now add to this list other things you have thought of doing, or heard you ought to do, and get started. Use the special “work on business” time block you established for working on this list.

3. Have regularly scheduled client days.

As a private practice owner, having your calendar booked fully every week with your patients won’t help your business grow. Having regularly scheduled patient days will allow you to focus your time on those days with your patients and not feel distracted by other priorities.

Put at least two of these time-tested techniques into action this week and watch yourself accomplish some amazing results!

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