Great Sales People Aren’t Afraid to Tell the Truth

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I know there are a lot of sales people who prefer not to say certain things to prospects because they are afraid to lose the sale as a consequence. Well, I have to say that I really don’t agree with this approach and I also don’t believe that it benefits the sales process either. Selling is mostly in the mind and the fear of being open with customers is really a mental block more than anything. The majority of customers will appreciate it when you tell the truth and they will often thank you for it.

1. Customers Aren’t Stupid

Never underestimate the intelligence of your customers because they pick up on a lot more of your weaknesses than you would imagine. One of the things they quickly realise is when you are trying to disguise yourself as something you are not. It often amuses me to read the signature on letters you get from sales people because of the very fact that they rarely call themselves sales people. They are Consultants, Executives, Specialists, Advisers and lots more that I can’t think of in this moment. This really is a bit silly because it’s quite impossible to hide this fact from clients. Okay it may delay the realisation by a couple of minutes but what difference is this going to make? Absolutely none! If you are really ashamed of working in sales, there are lots of other professions out there to choose from.

2. Your Personality is Your Strength

How many times do I have to tell sales people to stop trying to be somebody else? I actually think that this has negative repercussions because it often rings of insincerity. If you want to be unique and interesting for your customer you need to be yourself because there’s nobody in the world quite like you. The only downside to being yourself is the fact that not everybody will like you. Well unfortunately you’re never going to get everybody to like you and that’s just a fact of life. Get over it! Softly spoken people sell well to softly spoken people and outgoing people sell well to outgoing people. It’s basically easier to sell your personality to someone who finds you likeable than it is to fake someone else’s personality, not knowing if you’ve faked the right one for the right customer.

3. Find the Right People to Sell to

Another one of the reasons why sales people tend to try to be something other than what they are is the fact that they have had too many conversations with the wrong people. When you have too many conversations with the wrong people you end trying to turn these wrong people into right people. Sadly, it just doesn’t work. It’s a bit like a marriage where a man or a woman spends years trying to change their partner’s behaviour. They either give up in the end or get divorced because people will rarely change who they are for someone else. They may do it for themselves but they’ll very rarely do it for someone else. Selling to your own personality type is easier because you don’t need to be forceful, whereas selling to the unknown is often the equivalent of trying to put the square peg into the round hole.

David Lynch is a Sales Training Designer & Accomplished Author. He has more than 20 years experience in a variety of industries including software, insurance & hospitality. If you would like to learn more sales skills from David you can download a Free Copy of his E-book “25 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling” at

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