Go Green on Those Business Card Cases!

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With the hundreds of thousands of jobs being slashed due to the recession, you are probably thinking that jobs are hard to come by. Yes, in some industries this is true but for the green industries, you still have a big chance of putting to use those business card cases of yours.

Here then are the green jobs that you can consider. And don’t worry because you need not necessarily go back to college for these jobs.

Straw Bale Construction Jobs

With home foreclosures left and right, straw bale represents not just a green alternative to home building but is also a cheaper option for cash-strapped families. Thus, you ought to find individuals who will want a straw bale home for themselves, which means that you need stocking up on your business card cases!

As a straw bale house contractor, you only need to undergo trainings and courses on the subject, which are offered online. No need to go back to college to get a degree in architecture and related courses. With the online courses, you get classroom and field instruction on a variety of topics from fundamental design principles to local building codes. Of course, you also have the option to learn from a master at straw bale construction.

Micro-Hydropower System Jobs

If you are in a hurry to use your business card cases in green jobs, then being a micro-hydropower system installer might be the job for you. You will be in charge of designing, constructing and maintaining micro-hydro systems in various residential and commercial buildings.

Again, you can join training courses in technical schools and online sites to be proficient in the job. A word of advice: You have to possess government-issued permits and licenses to practice the profession, which ought to be easy when you already have your trainings.

Solar Water Installer

If your business card cases already have cards saying that you are a certified plumber or electrician, then becoming a solar hot water installer should be a cinch. Just enroll in courses offered by the government and the solar water industry and you’re all set!

You will design, install and maintain water heating systems harnessing the sun’s power. This is as green as it gets since the sun is the most renewable energy source there is son Earth.

Sustainable House Design Jobs

When you have a passion for environmentalism and house design, you can start filling up your business card cases with cards that say “Sustainable Home Designer”. With this job, you will combine conventional residential construction with green objectives like the enhancement of energy conservation and the improvement of indoor air quality.

If you have either building-related associate or degree course, you can try these jobs. Again, you can enroll in online courses and in technical schools that offer the integration of your degrees with green building methods.

Soon, your business card cases will be put to good use. But the best bonus is that you will actually be able to do your share in saving the environment. How is that for making money while saving the Earth?

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