Globe Logo Samples – Brands That Have the World in Their Trademark

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There are many famous brands that have used an image of the world in their brand mark. This image can be in the form of a silhouette or an illustration.

So why have all the famous brands used the world in their trademark?

One main reason is to give their business symbol a global feel. Another reason is that using the image of a globe gives the impression of knowledge and wisdom to the company which can be a useful factor in this competitive industry.

Below mentioned are some globe logo samples that some famous brands have used in their emblem:

1. Universal:

This is one of the oldest movie production companies ever. A unique feature that their business symbol is that it has remained consistent throughout the years. There have been slight alterations in the colors and effects of the symbol but the basic concept has remained the same. The symbol consists of an image of the earth in blue and green colors with the company name in front of the earth. The image is placed in front of a black background representing the space with small sparkling stars. Due to the use of the earth, the company looks large scale and international.

2. AT&T:

This famous telecommunication corporation’s symbol consists of an illustration of a globe in white and blue colors with 3 dimensional effects that make the image look life-like. The fonts used here are straight and black which add a classic touch to the emblem. The white background with the white and blue image makes the emblem look clean cut and sophisticated.

3. Wikipedia:

This famous trademark consists of an image of a globe that is made up of puzzle pieces with different symbols over it. The design is illustrated in gray and white colors with 3 dimensional effects that add an urbane and chic appeal to the design. The selection of an earth to represent their business is the perfect choice as they are telling their customers that they have knowledge and insight from all over the world.

4. MasterCard:

This famous visa card emblem consists of an image of two worlds intersecting. The prominent colors used in this monogram are red and yellow that makes the design eye catching and attractive. The monogram not only portrays a global touch of the company but also shows their close affiliation to the customers.

5. Mozilla Fire Fox:

This famous blue globe logo consists of an image of the earth with a fox wrapped around it. The 3 dimensional effect of the image makes it look life like and appealing. It is the perfect image to represent a company that is related to technology and skill.

In conclusion, these corporations have made the smart move of using the world in their trademark to depict vast wisdom and knowledge.

Will you do the same?

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