Give Your Insurance Prospect All The Details!

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When it comes to lead generation, your strategy usually falls under one of the two models: outbound or inbound. The difference lies in where your business is more active. Outbound strategies focus on finding prospects, approaching them directly, and pointing prospects to the direction of your business. Inbound strategies are about attracting prospects less directly but qualifying them so they can move along easier into the sales process.

With either approach though, it’s best to give your prospect all the details if you’re offering B2B insurance.

Insurance is a complicated thing. That’s what everyone thinks. Regardless of whether you disagree or not, the popularity of this notion should still give you a lot of good reasons to inform your prospect about what you do. However, the volume of information on your business might be too much for your prospect to absorb. This isn’t good if they’ve just heard about your company for the first time and might be too busy to learn more on the spot. This is why when generating qualified leads, it’s best to schedule appointments once they’ve expressed enough interest in finding out more.

Here’s how you can do it with respect to outbound and inbound strategies:

  • Outbound – Outbound strategies are about actively pursuing prospects and meeting them without much prior notice. That lack of prior notice already prevents you from doing anything more than informing them about your business and checking their interest. Depending on their answer, you should be ready to respond immediately. If they’re clearly not interested, then don’t press them any further. Move along to the next potential client. If they feel that they’re not ready, be ready to do a follow-up at a more appropriate time. In case they are interested, qualify them a bit further by asking about any insurance issues they’ve had in the past. This will give you information that will help you prepare.
  • Inbound – Inbound strategies depend on getting massive exposure. And with it, there’s the hope of attracting the attention of businesses actively searching for insurance companies. This is usually done through mediums such as advertising, website marketing, and perhaps email and direct mail marketing. Inquiries are filed either through a response to an email, a form on a website, or perhaps other forms of contact. Regardless, the challenge lies in making it easy for prospects to file these inquiries and your business must actively respond to them. Don’t let them flood your inbox or keep your phones ringing off the hook. Make sure to respond by following up on them and getting them through the qualification process. Once they start expressing more and more desire for a bigger and longer discussion, try to set an appointment.

Be it outbound or inbound, it’s best that your prospect knows enough about how your services work for them. It’s not an instant process but one that depends on honest engagement and dialogue. Don’t overload them from the start but don’t keep them in the dark too long either. Set appointments so you can properly fill them in on all the details.

Kurt Walters works as a business intelligence consultant. He is inviting you to visit to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for accounting, tax and financial services.

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