Getting The Most From Leaflet Printing

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Leaflets are the perfect method of getting information to your customers in a visually appealing, yet cost effective way. More often than not, an advertising leaflet is of A4 size, and folded twice to give it six usable panels or pages. This is the inexpensive way of having a small brochure printed and is an ideal size for posting, as an A4 sheet when folded into three is the same as a standard envelope size. Most companies which provide leaflet services will be used to printing and folding leaflets in this way, as it is one of the most common ways of printing a menu, tourist information leaflets and many other types of printed promotional materials.

A folded A4 leaflet will easily fit through letter boxes or can be slipped into envelopes or accompany a product bearing instructions for use, or details of a product warranty, for example. The limitations are bounded only by your imagination and seeing as cheap leaflet printing won’t break the bank, it’s one of the most cost effective ways of promoting your products, services or simply getting information out to your regular customers. For example, you may be a well established business who are moving to a new premises, so leaflet printing could be utilised to let all your regular customers know of the coming changes.

There are a range of choices you may not have considered with regards to leaflet printing, such as the weight of the paper used, and the finish. By spending a little more on leaflet services you can have a high quality finish, embossed lettering and heavy weight paper. These can instantly convey an image of quality or class even before one has read the information provided. One should bear in mind however, that a good percentage of leaflets do end up in the recycling bin, and this should be considered if you’re thinking of spending a little more to convey an upmarket image.

One is not restricted to A4 sheets of paper either, as almost any size can be catered for. The vast majority of companies who provide leaflet services will be printing everything from business cards right up to large banners measuring 10 or even 20 feet in width. Do not assume that what you have in mind cannot be delivered, as most companies love a good challenge. Even those who promote themselves as only providing cheap leaflet printing can go more upmarket if your budget allows, so you can get the most out of leaflet printing to help promote your business.

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