Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car – 4 Factors That Will Influence Your Pay

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You have probably seen cars on the road that are wrapped with advertisements. Some of these cars are driven by people advertising their own small business, but some are driven by people who actually get paid for driving around like they normally do.

For instance, if you drive a regular sized car, like a Ford Focus, Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, you can get paid anywhere between $400 and $700 a moth, depending on a few factors, such as:

1. Your average monthly mileage.

It is quite clear that the more you drive around, the more people will see your car and the advertisement placed on it. This means more potential clients or customers for the company you are advertising for and more money in your pocket. For instance, I drive about 800 miles every month and get paid $700 for this.

2. Your location.

Big companies are usually willing to invest more money in bigger cities. Basically, the bigger the city you live in, the bigger the number on your monthly check. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot make some good money in smaller cities, too. Usually, the salary in the car advertising business does not drop below the $300 mark. If a company offers you anything below this mark, do not be afraid to walk away and look for a better deal!

3. Your driving record.

Just like insurance companies, companies advertising on cars will take a look at your driving record before agreeing on your salary. The cleaner your record, the more money you will be able to make. Also, your age will be taken into consideration.

4. The size of your car.

Obviously, a bigger car offers more exposure for the company that advertises on it, which will result in more sales. So, if you drive a big car or a truck, you will be able to get paid more money. Make sure you bring all the details to the table when discussing a car advertising contract.

I was able to sign a contract worth $700 a month because I walked away from companies that were willing to pay me half of that! Make sure you take into consideration all of your options before deciding which way to go!

I hope these guidelines helped you form an idea about how car advertising really works and how you can get paid to advertise on your car.

If you are interested in making this kind of money on a regular basis and want to avoid getting ripped off by scam networks or low paying companies, visit Car Wrap Advertising for more information. I don’t own this website, but it was the best starting point I could find.

Mike Watkins is a college student enjoying life and trying to make the most of Internet marketing.

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