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In the world of advertising companies are constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to stand out from the sea of billboards, television, radio and newspaper ads.  And since for many companies every dollar spent on advertising is important you want to make sure it is spent wisely and effectively.

That is were vehicle advertising comes in.  Also known as vehicle wraps or vehicle graphics it is the process of covering a car, truck, van or bus in an advertisement.  This can be either fully covering the vehicle or only partially such as a door or window.  In effect your are turning your vehicle into a moving billboard that will get noticed wherever you go.

This can be especially effective during outdoor events and allows companies and organizations to target specific demographics.  And a well designed vehicle graphic can draw the attention of thousands of eyeballs everyday.

Many people tend to forget or block out most other forms of advertising.  When you are bombarded with a sea of billboards and traditional forms of advertising it quite often just becomes background noise.  But some research has shown the vehicle advertising tends to stand out more which leaves an impression on people who will remember the ad more often.  Think about it yourself.  If you are driving around, to and from work or just running errands which of the cars do you notice?  Would you notice the thousand mini vans or countless number of SUVs?  Or do you remember the bright red Ferrari that came up beside you.  It’s the same for vehicle advertising.  Your eye is immediately drawn to something different.

Cost is another very important consideration in any companies advertising budget.  With tradition forms of advertising you would have to factor in different costs that are associated with each.  For example with billboard advertising there is the cost of designing and printing the ad as well as an addition monthly cost for renting that one space to display your advertisement.

With vehicle adverting you would still pay for the design, printing and application of the graphic wrap but there would be no additional monthly costs involved.  If you were to wrap an existing company car or truck the monthly payment would be the lease payment you would be paying for anyway.

The cost for wrapping the average vehicle can be in the neighbourhood of about $3,000.  And depending on the amount of use that car or truck gets the wrap advertisement an last for three to five years.  Far longer than any flyer, newspaper ad or billboard.

It is important for companies and organizations to consider various forms of advertising to get your message out to the people that are most relevant to you and your business.  But you also want to ensure the you get the maximum impression for the advertising money that is being spent.  Vehicle graphic wrap advertising can have the advantage of turning your entire fleet of cars, vans and trucks into a mobile sales force that gets noticed.

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