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5 Simple Steps to Delegate

All of us have a circle of comfort in which we operate. Over the years, this area might widen but remain a plateau, unchanged in any meaningful way. What happens when your comfort circle is too limited for your business opportunities? Are you stuck, unable to reach beyond your grasp? Your habits and comfortable circles can trap you. You THINK you are progressing. But you are repeating what you already know over again.

One of the biggest traps that Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders fall into is the mistaken belief that “if it’s to be, it’s up to me”. In other words, they fail to DELEGATE. Delegation is the single most important thing that one can do to build their business effectively while enjoying the balance of a good life. However, many Business leaders fear letting go of key tasks – it’s uncomfortable to feel out of control. Fear is the cold that keeps leaders frozen on the plateau of what they already know. There is the fear of losing what they have, and fear of the unknown beyond the comfortable plane.

Here are a few tips to bust through the fear of letting go by learning to delegate. Delegation is the key to freedom and expansion. The more I can focus on what I do best in the world, by offering assignments aligned with what others do best in the world, the greater my joy and satisfaction.

1. Match Task To Talent– Understand where you are masterful and where you are not. Focus your activities, as much as possible, only on what you do best. Delegate the rest.

2. Take Action Now – Make a list of everything that needs to be done to grow your business and place a check mark by tasks you are willing to delegate.

3. Find the Who –Review the skills of your support team, partners, employees, and family members – anyone you can recruit – and identify what they do best. Review the check marks and place a name next to each item.

4. Delegate with Expectations –To whom is it being delegated and by when will it be done? Obtain agreement on due dates. Make sure that the person knows what success looks like, without you doing the job for them. Agree on how you will check in on progress.

5. Review Your List Again – Look again. Place a check by anything that you COULD delegate but feel uncomfortable. Ask yourself why? If the answer is that it’s easier for you to do it, or nobody can do it the way you would, recognize that you are stuck in your plane of comfort. You are striving for excellence and transformation, but not every task has the same value or return to your business.

Commit to expand your personal mastery, with a goal of it being the focus of most of your time. Move beyond your level of comfort. Innovate. Delegate.

When you are doing what you are best at most of the time, you allow others to also do what they are best at. It’s a win-win. Remember to acknowledge the successful outcome of what you delegate. That which you notice, gets repeated!

Now, go and enjoy that extra time you’ve freed up to develop the next mid to long term plan for success!

Mary Pat Knight is a strategy and leadership expert, working with small businesses and entrepreneurs to create dynamic businesses and fulfilling personal lives. A parallel career as a corporate executive and entrepreneur coupled with single parenting three teens makes MP ideally suited to support life and work balance for the busy entrepreneur. For your free access to 30 Days and 30 Ways to A Heart Centered Strategy, visit

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