Generation Y in the Workplace: How Can Companies Get Better Productivity From Gen Y?

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Employee mentoring has been viewed in the past as a nice thing to do for new hires. Today there is conflict among four generations at work. Because of generational differences, coworkers believe Gen Yers are not ready and willing to give their best. Mentoring of young employees is essential for understanding and retaining them just because it is a good fit for what they require.

Here are three reasons companies should mentor newly hired Gen Y professionals:

Reason #1. The Y Generation needs to be taught a few things before they get going on the job. There is something they all have in common; they don’t have a lot of work experience and are new to the professional workplace. And yet, new Gen Y employees want to hit the ground running and start making a difference right away. There is a lot of workplace change and Gen Y often do not know what they need to know. In most cases it is up to businesses to teach them.Because of the close relationship with a mentor, training and leading new hires is personalized. Gen Yers learn that your company cares about how they are prepared to perform. It is the opportunity for older generations to understand why younger generations think and feel the way they do and to use that information to influence them.

Reason #2. Gen Y love mentoring. Meister and Willyerd find there are three primary things Gen Y look for in their next manager “develop my career, give me straight feed back, and mentor and coach me”. A good mentoring program with detailed instructions, clear expectations, and consistent followup can fill all of these requirements. Gen Yers are more trusting of senior leaders than Baby Boomers and Gen X were and are willing to be mentored. They want to “hit the ground running” and to get results quickly. They have a thirst for growth and knowledge. Mentoring is a good way to capture the energy of Gen Y and increase company productivity.

Reason #3. To save money. Differences in generations and specifically, a gap in the Boomer generation and Gen Y expectations about work can cost businesses a lot of money. Despite the known costs of turnover and loss of productivity, 54 percent of businesses still do nothing to focus on employee retention or reduce their high employee turnover. Newly hired Gen Y will decide early, sometimes within weeks, to move on to another company if their expectations are not revealed and managed. Mentoring allows expectations to be pinpointed and resolved early on and in ways that engage and create enthusiasm for Gen Y.

And, studies from the Gallup organization show that employees with an above-average work attitude will generate 38 percent higher customer satisfaction scores, 22 percent higher productivity, and 27 percent higher profits for their companies. Mentoring Gen Y can be a relatively inexpensive way for companies to save money, improve productivity, and resolve some generational differences.

Bottom Line, mentoring new Gen Y employees will help them learn what they need to know, can improve coworker relationships and can generate enthusiasm that lasts.

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