Game on! How to Retain Your Top Performing Millennials?

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Want to know the secret to retaining your top talent Millennials?
Yes! Of course! Who wouldn’t!?

All you have to do is gamify it! That’s right….gamify!
“Is that even a word?” you might be asking. Yes and no, Google Docs (where I am typing this article) says no with a harsh red line under the word and the online dictionary still rebukes the word, but Wikipedia gives us this definition:

Gamification (Gamify) is the use of game design techniques and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences.
What stands out to you in that definition?
Take a minute. Digest and critically think over it…..I’ll wait.

Okay. Got something?
ENGAGE! And what’s more engaging than video games? According to Millennials, nothing.

Don’t believe me about the power of gaming in today’s culture? Then Google the “highest grossing film of all time” and see what alternate reality film comes up. More and more our virtual and real worlds are blurring, and it’s only going to evolve faster so why not learn about it and leverage it for business and employee growth!?

So here is where I am going with this….still with me!?

You can retain more young employees if you actively engage your Millennials by understanding and playing (pun intended) to their hard-wired gaming needs.

Here is how to harness the power of gaming to empower your workforce:

Utilize the 5Cs:

Here is the thought surrounding each. It’s up to YOU to get creative and implement each of these into your unique work culture.

Millennials want their own career path unique to their strengths and desires.
Much like customizing their own avatar (game character) with unique abilities, traits and appearances. They also thrive under the options to choose specific missions and try different game tracks or story-lines.
Play to that need for customization and give them options for growth.

Millennials want ownership of their positions and tasks.
They are used to a controller in hand, moving their avatar wherever they desire and having control over the avatar’s decisions and the ultimate outcome of the mission.
Give them responsibility over their tasks and get out of the way.

One of the Millennials greatest desires is to acquire transferable life skills.
In the gaming world, they have the option to enter tutorials where they can hone the strengths of their avatar or gain new traits that will assist in accomplishing the mission.
Communicate what is expected of them and then highlight where they can go to advance themselves to do the task better and faster.

Millennials learn better and quicker in teams. After all, they were raised in sports and school teams.
They don’t think twice about playing games with or against others online, and then once they become victorious, they’ll post the score on Facebook.
Embrace this new sense of sharing and collaborating that surrounds the gaming and social worlds and use it to foster competition and innovation among your team.

Consequence (aka cause):
Millennials desire that EPIC win. They want to have an impact, today!
They struggle from level to level and puzzle to puzzle for the ultimate goal of rescuing the princess by prevailing over the final boss (which was Bowzar for us old-school Millennials) and saving the world.
Communicate “the why” so they know who and what they are playing for so that they can throw their heart fully into their work.

I urge you to leverage the 5Cs to empower your Millennials to new levels of purpose, production and passion. They will be grateful for it. And as for your competition’s likelihood of wooing away your top young workers, it’s…


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He works tirelessly to enhance your understanding of the Millennials (those punk kids born in the 80s & 90s) and emerging culture shifts (behavioral changes caused by specific social trends) so that you can elevate your influence as a leader.

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