Full Color is Guaranteed to Pay Off For Landscapers and Everyone Else

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It is that time of year when the warmer weather means business for landscapers, and landscaping is definitely an industry where there is a lot of competition. That’s not bad, there is probably plenty of landscape to go around. I have several landscapers as clients (that have really nice printed marketing materials) and there are a lot of them in the area. As you can see by the Google map below, within about a fifteen minute drive there are 38 (a least that’s how many Google knows about).

So what does that mean? That means if you are a landscaper and I’m in your geographic target market, chances are a lot of your competitors are marketing to me too. It means that homeowners are getting a lot of printed marketing materials from landscapers. These printed materials come in all shapes and sizes. At my house we have received postcards that are delivered in the mail, postcards stuck under my mailbox, door hangers, flyers and business card magnets. Some good, most bad and I don’t understand why. If you are going to spend the time driving mailbox to mailbox delivering your flyers, is the cost savings of cheesy black and white (poor quality) copies really worth it? One thousand full color flyers 2-sided cost about $150 or 15 cents each. I called my local copy center (a national chain) and 2-sided black & white copies are 20 cents each. For this argument lets stick with 1-sided which are 10 cents each. Mr. Landscaper has saved a whopping $50 using cheesy 1-sided black & white copies instead of 2-side full color flyers to market to 1000 potential customers. So if he used full color flyers how many more jobs would he need to sell to make up that $50? Based on the cost of the landscaping that I had done last summer he would need about.1% of a customer. That’s right it’s not a typo, I said point one percent. Look at the graphic below about the impact of color and do the math.

I’ve also received some very nice printed full color postcards and full color door hangers. The problem was they didn’t offer me anything, not so much as a free pack of seeds. The point is that if you are going to market you had better make an offer to entice your prospect to act and give it a deadline so that they act right away or they’re going to get another marketing piece from your competition before they call you. If the competition’s piece looks better and has a better offer their getting the call, not you.

Competition is fierce, make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd. Give your prospects a reason to act. It will pay off.

Mark Hannah is the president and owner of Full Color Resources a supplier full color printing, signs, and banners. Mark has owned multiple businesses. He has several years of experience in printing and marketing. Mark’s passion to help small businesses succeed is why Full Color Resources offers free marketing support on topics such as image and direct marketing. For more marketing and printing tips visit his blog at http://www.fullcolorresources.com/blog/ Free samples can be requested a http://www.fullcolorresources.com

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