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Effective small business marketing involves building relationships. Relationships are built around touch points especially if you are a service based business.

Successful marketing of services relies upon frequency and recency. When a customer is ready to use your service you want to be at the forefront of their mind. Many businesses find this difficult to do.

What is a Touch Point?

A touch point is any interaction you have with a customer. It is your website, your email news, your video channel, your phone calls, your invoices and receipts. Every time your customer has an interaction with you.

Some of these are obvious but some often get missed. How many people put a tag line or something surprising and touching on an invoice? How many add a significant element to a receipt?

Keeping Your Customer Informed

Have you ever thought of sending customers useful clippings or content either as links, direct mail or otherwise? Imagine the difference it would make in a small business if a useful article was sent with a handwritten note.

What if you kept video diaries of exciting projects. For example if you were a mechanic who not only did routine mechanical repairs but also rare ferrari repairs and restorations. Taking that one step further if customers paid for your mechanic to fly interstate to work on their most precious vehicles. What effect do you think following those projects would have on your usual customers?


We all prefer to do business with people we like. You can build likability by expressing to customers what you like about them and by doing the extra little touches everyone else forgets.

Lazy marketing is easy. Anyone can do that. BUT if you want to make more sales? You’ve got to make more “calls”.

Touch Someone Today

Today’s task is to ask yourself when you last did something to “touch” one of your customers? Now go on from there and look at the interactions you do have and the ones you should have. Start today.

How Does This Translate Online

Video testimonials can serve as a touch point. Your blog posts and surveys can work as a touch point. Imagine how your customers would feel if each month a different customer story was featured that showcased something to do with your business from your customer’s perspective.

Wouldn’t your featured customer feel special and wouldn’t it add greater meaning to your marketing?

If you need help reaching your customers online the first port of call is an email newsletter service. Remember it’s about making things easy for you and your customer!

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