Free Vacation Rental Advertising Using the Power of Google Local Business Listings

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Google Local listings provide an incredible opportunity for vacation rental property advertisers to rank for their most desired keywords. Because Google Local results are free, and part of the Google system, they are displayed first in the free search results. What does that mean for you? Say you have a vacation rental in Stowe, Vermont and one of your top key words is “Vacation Rental at Stowe Mountain, Vermont”. If you are registered with Google Local, anytime your someone types in that keyword, your business name, address and website will be displayed.

Think about it. Highly targeted traffic that is already looking for vacation rental property in your region, and you don’t have to pay a dime for it. This is such a powerful tool, and it’s amazing how many vacation rental owners know little or nothing about it.

To get listed with Google Local just follow these simple steps. If you have already listed, I recommend revisiting your listing and make sure your photos, video, and keywords are up to date!

1. Do a search for “Google Local”.

2. Use your existing account, or create a free Google account.

3. Fill in the business listing form with your business name, location, and web site. Make sure you use your top keywords in your property description.

What do you get from this 5 minute effort?

* Your property will be listed on Google maps when they return search results for your business type

* Your property will be added to business category you specify when signing up

* You can create an interactive Google map that can be added to your website

* You can add ten photographs of your property (make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to add keyword rich photo captions as well!)

* You can add a YouTube Video (make sure you use a keyword rich title for this as well. If you don’t have a video, you can easily make one using a picture slide show format. It’s worth the effort!)

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