Forget Spreadsheets – Say Hello to Project Management Software

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Many project managers are worried about taking notes when in a meeting with client or discussing progress with the team. They must have relevant data since these details are important to make the right decision. Before, a common solution to organize things is by the use of spreadsheets and manually entering them in papers.

Although this strategy can help you to organize things but it is a waste of time and needs more effort. Project management software can do better to organize things without wasting too much time. Here are some of the benefits when you use a project management tool:

Clear Details

Although you can organize your project details in a spreadsheet, it is still not easy to understand them. Formats may not look good and its details may not be in the right group. With project management tools, information is easier to understand since they are designed to do such thing. Details appear better and clearer. There is no further formatting needed when you enter details since the tool automatically does it for you.

Good Presentation

Many of the upper sectors of the company do not have access to details and info. In fact, they do not really care about it. What they only need is for the project to complete within the scope and budget. When you discuss with them, they do not want to see cluttered reports and presentations, which you might be at risk when you are only using spreadsheets and papers. They do not actually organize your things well. However, by using management software, you can present reports with accurate info and data. You can be confident that demonstrations and presentations will never fail, as tools will smoothly run without problems

Collaboration & Teamwork

Every project requires feedback from the team to synchronize the progress. Your team must be able to work together. This will help to meet deadlines of projects. Tracking progress of a project and making it stay within the scope and budget are just few of the things the team should consider.

Collaboration and teamwork can be done easily by the use of project management software. This helps everyone in the team to cooperate and allocate each to the different tasks. Teamwork always help the team to achieve their goals and this can be achieved by project management software.

Simplify Calculations

It requires necessary formulas for spreadsheet to make complicated calculations but project management software does this for you. For example, you are entering a timesheet on a specific task or project; the tool will calculate the cost and charge amounts, thus lessening the time needed to do this compared to manually entering the formulas. By calculating the cost and charge amounts, quotes and invoices can be created easily.

Tracking, Document Control and Reporting

Work hours of employees are tracked with the time tracking feature of project management software. This feature has a security to keep anyone in the team from cheating. Timesheets that are entered and tasks allocated can be tracked.

Project management tools also have a central location for all your documents such as emails, letters, etc. This will make projects to be organized and productivity will increase since documents can easily be accessed. Reports are generated with a click of your mouse. They can be generated to see the progress and productivity of the project as well as the team.

In conclusion, to manage a team and the projects and tasks can be made easy with project management software. Just take note that such tools only help you, it’s the utilization of the features from the team is the main thing to do. Project management is never easy but with the proper tool, management will be much easier.

Latitude is a project management software that can do all these features. It is easy to use and will not take you lots of time to learn how to use it. For more info about its features you can always request a Latitude demo here.

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