Five Ways to Market Promotional Pencils

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There are several ways to market and promote your business or organization; however, none of these options is quite as inexpensive as using promotional pencils for marketing purposes. Marketing for your business can be extremely expensive effort, including paying thousands of dollars for the price of a billboard ad, commercial, or other promotional products. Pencils are a great way to advertise and get your organization’s name and other information to the public, while saving money for your business or organization. In this article, we will tell you several ways of marketing your business with the use of promotional pencils.

One of the most important tips for marketing your business with the use of pencils is to maximize your advertisement message. Pencils do not allow for very much printing space because of their slim design. Therefore, in order to get the most out of promotional pencil advertising, you need to ensure that the name of the business or the logo is printed in an attention-grabbing way. Choose pencils that match the business colors or the color of the logo.

Another important aspect of this type of marketing is to purchase options that are made with high-quality materials. Cheaper made pencils may be easily discarded by the customer, therefore, the higher the quality of the pencil, the more likely the customer is to hold onto it, which in turn promotes your business. If the promotional products you use last for a long time, your business will be promoted for much longer, as well. This will maximize your investment and allow your quality promotional products to continue advertising for your business for years to come.

Pencils are used in many aspects of life; therefore, using promotional pencils will widen your target market. Promotional pencils can be used in various settings and they are used by would-be customers, every day. Everyone appreciates receiving free pencils because they are practical and functional. Pencils are able to reach markets that you may have never even imagined. Promotional pencils can be used for a giveaway; they can be given to customers or potential customers who visit your business, or for any other promotional purposes, as well.

You may want to bring promotional pencils to various trade shows, employment fairs, or special conventions to advertise for your business. Pencils printed with your business’ name are a great advertisement for any special event related to your business or organization. If you have a website, it is a good idea to include the address, as well as the telephone number of your business, as well. These pencils can display messages, as well including your business motto, a motivational message, or a thought-provoking quote.

There are several styles and varieties of promotional pencils to choose from including, eco-friendly options (biodegradable pencils and those made with recyclable materials), pencils that have been formed into fun or memorable shapes, designs, or company logo. Another promotional pencil option that makes an interesting conversational piece is a “mood pencil”. These options are similar to the mood rings that were popular in the 70s, which are heat sensitive and change colors with the writer’s “mood”. These pencils return to their original color within seconds. This option is reasonably priced and does not cost much more than traditional pencils, either. Logo toppers or other miniature eraser toppers are another way to promote your business, even beyond traditional pencils.

Promotional pencils are an incredibly cost-effective way to advertise for your business or organization. There are a number of different styles, colors, and models to choose from which makes this method of advertising, incredibly versatile and eye-catching, as well. Choose promotional pencils to endorse your business and get your name into the general public for maximum business potential.

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